New York Knicks hiring Tom Thibodeau as next head coach


So Tom Thibodeau is gonna be the head coach of the next. Here's our guy. Stephen A. Smith, Our first take host was on return to the MBA, and he discussed the positives and negatives. Of the Knicks hiring Fido. Nevertheless, nobody can argue that Davidow has the most successful resume it available coaches that one open market he's one about 59% of the games. You know the job you did in Chicago. We noted he sold it to the postseason first time in like a decade for like, 13 years. We know that he's with one could easily argue whether not Doc Rivers would be a champion as a head coach had it not been for top Thibodeau being his assistant. In Boston back in 2008. So all of those things come with He's got an incredible reputation. Terms of knowing the game of basketball of the entire Lesley committed to the game of back, eat, lives and breathes basketball day and night. Um and you combine that with the fact that again either defense with it, though, that a pluses minuses. The fact that in Chicago there were issues with Paxson and guard form in the general manager In Minnesota. There was an issue with the owner, Glen Taylor, and management, along with the fact that Jimmy Butler wanted to be traded went off Thibodeau, his former coach in Chicago, by the way. Was his president of basketball operations and to coach in Minnesota. And so as a result, you've got a home and believe that Tom Thibodeau has made the necessary adjustments. He's seen the error of his ways. Some respect player relations. And even relations with management and that this is a good deal because I'm here and it's a three year deal. Garrity fully guarantee the other two years, a partial guarantee in excess of about for $4 million. But in the end It seems to be a match made in heaven. Considering the fact that both will you, Wesley Elia Rose Go back over Quarter century with activity. He knows they've known him that long.

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