Elon Musk Wants to Stream Music Directly to Your Brain With His Neuralink Chip


Heads up Tesla's Space six and the boring company also cofounded another startup back in 2016 called Nora Link. If you heard about this, um there hasn't been a lot of details about the start I could accept that involves the chip that's supposed to be surgically implanted. Into the brain. That kid next to a computer. Get the goal is to add a level a I artificial intelligence to a person. But before that, Must said that it actually has a really great purpose for help people suffering with conditions like Parkinson's, but more information supposed to come out late next month, But you know, Elon Musk is pretty active on Twitter. And sometimes he tweets about, you know, every once in a while things that are actually coherent makes sense, and he recently had a few things to say about the chip. He said that nor link had potentially retrained parts of the brain as a way to cure addiction and depression. He also said that the chip could control hormone levels. That's a pretty bold claim. In a few days ago. He tweeted that the interface will allow you to stream music listeners stream music directly to your brain. Imagine that no speakers. No, You're buds, headphones. Nothing. Just go right into your brain. Just a small microchip that he claims is no worse than LASIK eye surgery, getting it in their interesting prospect when it comes to the possible medical benefits, But If you think you were having trouble getting a Taylor Swift song at your head Now we'll just wait till that thing gets in. You

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