TWiG 570: 4 CEOs Walk Into a Zoom Meeting - Antitrust Hearings, We Rate Zuck's Zoom Bkgd, Google Extends WFH to July 2021 - burst 30


These TV awards. Jeff. You Probably Matthew Emmy's in your time actually no number one to the half nominees more than half are streaming services netflix number one. Eight. To. Code. No. Yeah HBO's been up there for awhile. Show up there. For a while. This is Netflix's. First Time Yeah Watchmen Watchmen and twenty six nominations. The marvelous. Mrs May on Amazon. Twenty ozark eighteen. All good apple apple got its first nominations as well. A lot of nominations for Apple TV plus they got eighteen nominations, Disney plus got eighteen quimby even got ten nominations. Know Yeah Oh. Yes. This is this is a joke well. People who watched quit? Yeah. Netflix. got a hundred and sixty nominations. HBO. One, hundred, seven. Libya Coleman up. For. Too many awards for Queen Elizabeth. The second the emmys are one of the old school. So they're part of the guts, right? So they can me. Tony Grammy Oscar Yup.

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