JetBrains with Natalie Kudanova


Chedda Brennan Susan International Company of at Crates, professional software development tools to help developers work smarter and faster. We do strive to create the strongest most effective developer tools and of ambitious attitudes. By mating common tasks, we enabled programmers to focused on co design and the big picture instead of boilerplate. Code. That's awesome so I'm curious I have spent some time as a product marketing manager, and it's always kind of a difficult rule to explain the people people are not clear whether or not it's technical or not, so what is a day in the life of a product marketing manager? And do you really see a hybrid between product and marketing? Well in a sense it is, and actually there is no typical day at least for me I'm basically the person helps the team. There will be maintained. Hear the voices so for Ruby developers and I'm the one who tells Ruby developers would good Ruben mind has to offer. That said I communicate with customers, online and offline I'm in charge of advertising mortgage, research, content, creation, codeine, sometimes and so I. Don't do it all myself of course, but I am the dot to where all these lines connect. I love that where some of the best places either online or offline to reach Ruby developers. Oh. I'd say it's a it. Of course and twitter has a huge community. And we have our own channels like our newsletters. We also forget a lot of feedback a the our. Issue Tracker. So. There are lots of places. Social Media and online. That's great, so I'M GONNA. Put you on the spot and ask you for an elevator pitch for our listeners who haven't had a chance to ever use ruby mind before I've been a user for about five years and I absolutely love it. So why should ruby developers consider using ruby mine? Ruben. Mine is an ID that said it has all essential tools that help you go. More efficiently. It offers powerful Golden, said features such as gold. Completion Golden Education language, specific inspections will quick success refectory in editor, Weekday Communication Remind provides a test runner debater visa supporter I could go for hours. It's basically everything you need to develop and Ruby only monoplace. Now I agree I really and I should say this as well that jeopardizes not a sponsor of the podcast I was excited to have Natalie on. Just because I've been a user of the tool for so long and really there isn't many tools out there like ruby mine, and what's fascinating about jet brains is Ruby mine yeses further ruby on rails community, but they have a solution for pretty much every market out there. My partner writes PHP foles full time and he uses PHP storm. Yeah actually it's pretty easy to transfer from one idea to another for example. If you want to learn a new language or try something you, you can just switch to a different Gebran tie, and you'll be like at home.

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