Harold Ramirez. All tests positive for covert 19 Iranian was scheduled to start today against the Phillies


Season. Wrapping up today, the Marlins leave that game 10 to 6 over the fillies in the seventh. Elsewhere, the Tigers and Red are 11 in the ninth. The Yankees leave the Nationals 32 in the ninth. The Indians have a seven to weed on the Royals in the eighth. The Orioles lead the Red Sox 6 to 4 in the seventh, ESPN Tim Kurkjian on some of this year's rule changes. The universal Th is a great idea for this year. Just keep pictures off the field. We're headed toward the Universal B H anyway, and I'm just glad we have to change the rules each Lee Specially with all of the interleague game that we're playing as the free batter rule. I'm not a fan. But in this unusual season, this stranger season ever Let's try whatever you want. And if it works, Tim Kurkjian on best week ever. The MBA puts Clippers guard Lou Williams on a 10 day quarantine after questions concerning his whereabouts while he was away from the Orlando bubble on an excused absence, a picture was posted on social media showing William's at an Atlanta Strip club. From the NFL. ESPN Jordan ran on reports the Giants will cut kicker Aldridge Rosa,

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