Police identify pair accused of kidnapping 1-year-old Chamblee, Atlanta boy


Home, say one year old Matteo Barrera was in a stroller on a walk with his mom near their apartment where the suspects kidnapped him at gunpoint. His aunt Jessica Bamaca, tells Channel two action news. You have no idea who they are personal. We don't know where they came from. You don't know what their intentions were Mater and Kristen Valera Zuniga are charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault. Police say Mateo's mom fought hard, grabbing their gun, even tearing away a piece of Mainers plaid shorts and pulling off one of his sneakers before they took off with her toddler. They were arrested hours later in Carroll County, Cheryl Castro 95.5 WSB WSB News Time is 11 0 to Georgia Football

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