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Whole over WANNA. Welcome to another episode of this week in travel. My Name is Gary coming to you from the lovely state of Wisconsin where I have nothing but beer cheese and brought were since I have arrived. And that is legally the only thing you can eat here we've been or not. That chuckling voice you hear in the background coming from the land of smoke Mr Chretien. It's not just smoke also smoke fire and really hot but other than that. It's a lovely time to be in California. You don't say really in California you'd have flares. Wow. We have guest we had over the last three days. I just saw the number I. Think it's ten thousand different lightning strikes. Ten Thousand Eight, hundred, and forty, nine in a state that tends to get one thunderstorm every three years. So that's a little unusual for us. So you're making up for lost time. That is correct I believe it's also possibly the end of days that is. We're expecting frogs next. It's twenty twenty. I. Think those guys are going to get nailed with just a massive earthquake. This year I was one of the Salton Sea and they said, you know that's the kind of one of the anchor points of San Andreas fault so could happen. It. would be the capstone in this year. It would just you know. I. Think I things that could happen. But yeah. Well, speaking of which the man will go into the sea when that earthquake happens Mr Spud Hilton. From San Francisco. He's he's technically on the North America Plate. The senator is just misses San Francisco. At thank you for Thanks for pointing that out that that is great comfort. Father had a theory that everything from the San Andreas Fault East would fall into the Pacific Ocean. Your father was rather unsuccessful land speculator is this. Yeah. He he hopes trade I think that was pretty much the deal so We're doing okay here in San Francisco but I'll tell you sky is never been a well, not never been hasn't been this color in a couple of years put that way. It reminds me of the last time I was in a in New Delhi. They were burning the fields. It's it's that sort of thing. I'll here. It's just nice. It's like in the seventies everyday and it's just it's just really nice. Panther Schools? In all seriousness there they had a vote wants to what to put on the license plate in one of the options was. Which I really supported. Packer fans you'll ever that I'm sure our guest. This week are two of the most all American. American people I know of America's Tim Tamsin Meat Pies. Gene Craig Makepeace. From. Why Travel Pod? We're doing pretty good. We actually in Raleigh north. Carolina and we had north quite last week. Yeah own tropical storms earthquakes we got it all. Tony Warnings Yeah we're pretty. Steady. Well. I have a theory that everything evens out in terms of like bad weather. So like California you may you know have earthquakes But. Other than that. It's just really nice So you have it very nice and then you have these punctuated really bad things and here it's just kinda crappy like every year and that sort of what evens it out. So. I. Think it all. It's just in what sort of dose you get it. But yeah expose you guys didn't sign up earthquakes when he went to North Carolina. Now, we're expecting nine hundred. Ninety trimmers you know luckily, we're actually on insight forty on the way to the bank so we didn't feel anything. We escaped with a couple of hours best leave. Well. Let's go to our first news story while we're on the subject of. Extreme weather. the hottest temperature perhaps ever recorded certainly the the best the highest verify temperature on the planet earth was this week in death valley in Furnace Creek. Where they got a temperature of one hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit or I think it was fifty four point one degrees, Celsius. Which is Crazy to hunt. Every. So often they have these these heat waves that come through valley, and so there was always a news team there and they try to fry an egg in a frying pan. Just. Left out in the Sun. And I just before we got on I was watching CNN try to do this and it actually didn't really work. They had like a black frying pan and they cracked an egg and like some of the white parts of the egg started to cook and that was it.

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