Never Be Royals


It has been the habit of kings throughout the world to hire tasters to test their food on the off chance. Some oppressed masses poisoned it. But Henry, the eighth cast, a wider net with his paranoia. He wanted to be certain. No one was going to poison him transdermal either meaning through the skin. He ordered that every morning, the servant, the WHO changed the kings sheets had to kiss every part of the sheets, pillows and blankets they had touched to prove they hadn't smeared poison on them. They also had to test for poison on the cushion of his son. Edwards Chamber Pot. Though the historic record doesn't say how? My Name's Moxy and this is your brain on facts. The term mad king re entered the common lexicon a few years back. Thanks to George R. Martin's Song of ice and fire books. We'd have more than enough examples from Europe alone to choose from. George. The third born in Seventeen thirty eight was the English king who lost the American colonies. Though anti-monarchists would record stories of bizarre behavior like George Mistaking and trees for Frederick the Great? The king really did have mental health problems that manifested themselves in different periods of his life. During these times, he suffered from insomnia and talked incessant nonsense for hours. It was not uncommon for a single sentence to contain four hundred words. It has long been suspected that King George suffered from Porfirio. A genetic metabolic disorder that causes depression hallucinations, constipation, purple urine, and severe abdominal pain. However, as will come up frequently today new evidence in theories undermined that original thinking. One of the medicines that king was treated with was Gentian. This plant with its deep blue flowers is still used today as a mild tonic that may turn the urine blue. His incessant liquidity as it was called and his habit of talking until foam ran from his mouth are features that can be seen today in patients with extreme cases of mania from psychiatric illnesses such as bipolar disorder. Besides benign sounding herbal treatments, King George would be restrained in a chair with iron straps for hours. He was also bled forced to vomit and starved suffering under the humour old or four humors school, of medicine. A recent study based on the examination of King. George's hair shows high levels of arsenic administered to him as part of the cure, but would have served to only worsen his symptoms. In the last ten years of his life, his son and Heir George, the fourth served as regent. Fans of the show blackadder will remember George the fourth brilliantly portrayed by Hugh Laurie opposite the Tischler, Rowan Atkinson character. A somewhat annoying little side note when the play the madness of George the third was made into a film. In nineteen, ninety four, the title was changed to the madness of King George. Why for fear that American audiences would think it was a sequel and wouldn't go to see it because they hadn't seen the first two. When your business is running countries and even whole empires you WanNa keep that in the family and the best way to ensure that is to make sure everybody marries somebody there already related to. When you say it like that, it doesn't sound like such a good plan. But that was how royal houses conducted themselves for centuries to ensure they retained their fortunes in the days before even a basic understanding of genetics. When close relatives reproduce, it increases their offspring's chances of being affected by. Recessive traits for all kinds of physical and cognitive disabilities, including things like hemophilia and cystic fibrosis, as well as deformities like the Habsburg jaw. These incestuous pairings also run a greater risk of reduced fertility higher infant mortality, congenital birth defects, certain kinds of cancer suppressed immune systems, and overall smaller adult size. A condition referred to as pedigree collapse. Some royal families kept things closer-knit than others. Maria I of Portugal married her father's younger brother Pedro when she was twenty six and he was forty three. Their son and Heir Joseph married his aunt Maria Sister Benedetta. Therefore, Pedro's daughter-in-law sister

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