The Aldi Haul


Today we are jumping in there's another episode that is a hall episode. So today's the Aldy Hall. GonNa make the joke, the hall yeah. I know I always make the joke it's I. Think I'm over the joke. Brought it back. I love all the all the is actually a new discovery for me, and now I describe it as like a less expensive trader Joe's. Isn't that kind of what it's like pretty much which is crazy because trader Joe's is already inexpensive. Like yeah. It's like the dollar store trader joes well, I. Mean the last time I said it was like smartandfinal meets the dollar store and some people got upset about that comparison. But like I love the dollar store and by the way, people need to know that the food that you get at the dollar store is not older expired in some cases it's a lot of big brands that are specifically making foods for the dollar store. So I don't know that but I a big fan of the dollar store. So I take that as a compliment if somebody would say that anyway, that's just me. But today we are going through a whole bunch of products I went to all the last week. I purchased don't know like nine hundred item. So. A lot of the stuff that I bought were holding off in a few more weeks. We'll do it all the hall I'm GonNa. Go back to all the fill it out. But I, I mean I literally got like fifteen things and we're going to try one, seven, eight, eight of them today. It's going to be tough for me to not eat that one thing that's in the bag that we're gonNA wait on because it just I can I look at it every day and I wanna eat it I'm guessing it's peanut butter flavored Jamie please hide this from him. It'd be having other PB item today. It's a little bit of a weird. I am I'm actually really excited with that one. So I'm excited about everything today zero. All right. So before we jump in and start eating everything in sight Mike, what you got. Are you ready for your new favourite fall drink? Viva Seltzer has just come out with a new flavor. Do you WANNA guess. So it's fall themed. So the is it the I think it's V. visit. Oh, it's. I don't know. Could. Use this Jamie what does it looks like the va I don't know. Whatever you want to her five. The new flavor is pumpkin spice. So it's a hard seltzer pumpkin spice flavors. It looks like right now it's only being sold at Kroger Stores and Kentucky Tennessee and Ohio. But I'm sure we'll go nationwide wouldn't go nationwide. By, the way I don't know if you know this but the vive or. Whatever it's called their heart seltzer drinks or one hundred calories and two grams of carbs. Yeah. That's not bad except the only bad part of that is hard. Seltzer Gross. That's my. I don't I am not a fan and the the idea of like a pumpkin spice flavor that sounds terrible to me. Might be harsh right now no I feel like the only excuse for a pumpkin spice flavored cocktail as if it's like a frozen sweet. Type of like creating. Yes. Creamy. So the article that I that I read this from, they got a taste of it and they said it's amazing like it's and they thought the same thing like it would be terrible and they loved it so. I will give it a try I'm GONNA give it the benefit of. And a our little community of Woodland Hills is in the news like big time in the news Amazon fresh. The one that we have that we've been getting our deliveries from there finally, opening it up to walk in customers. It's the first in the country like no other Amazon, fresh stores allowing customers walk inside except for ours right now. And it's by appointment only I guess you have to go on and make an appointment. And, the store does have cashiers but they they encourage you to use their dash cart our showing Jamie this the other day. So it's a cart with a screen on it and every time you pick up an item, you scan the item on the car and then charges you on your Amazon Account. So I'm imagining it to punch in your code or something when you get get the cart. And I'm not, GonNa go to any stores as of it on my comfortable yet. But I don't know might be something you might WanNa check out judgy when you say You might want to go into a store. That sounds cool. I. The thing I know about Amazon fresh is that whenever I order anything, there's like for every item, there's like eighty eight pieces of packaging. It's like they wrap everything in plastic and in cooler bag, and then in a brown bag and then box. But maybe if you go to the store, you won't get all the packaging but I'm excited actually so I will check it out

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