US citizenship applications are backlogged, prolonging the wait for civil and voting rights


In naturalization applications could have an impact at the ballot box in November. Michelle Li has taken a closer look at all of this or the Washington Post, and she spoke with comas Bill O'Neill. We shall explain how this backlog could impact the election. There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are waiting to be naturalized as they many of them have been waiting. Much longer than the five months that the government tries to get the naturalized during and these immigrants are really a growing electorate in the country for the first time this year. Naturalized citizens are going to reach one in 10 eligible voters, and that's a really a record high number for this group of potential voters. Yet this backlog that has been getting worse and worse over time that existed before the Trump administration, but there's been policy changes and budget cuts. And then the crooner virus. That really exacerbated this backlog and means that many immigrants will not be able to vote as they had hoped. This November. It sounds as though this backlog has been around from multiple presidential administrations. Now, is there anything being done to try to move these applications along a little faster? The thing is, even though the backlog have existed. There are still lots of people applying for naturalisation infact after President Trump was elected, there was a surgeon applicants many people who were motivated by President Trump's anti immigrant rhetoric to try to become that isn't either out of concern for their safety or because they wanted to go and Vote against him. And even though there has been a surge, the USC I asked the agency that natural eyes is immigrants has not up its resource is in order to meet that demand. In fact, there has been a potential for loads of employees of decreasing revenues. There have been policy changes under President Trump that have made it Difficult for people to be naturalized in time. It's taken longer for people to naturalized, so the policies have not bet the demand to really decrease the increasing back. Clark. Of course, some will

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