CDL Champs didn't disappoint


Get onto champs though this is I think where the highlight of championship Sunday was the call of Duty League Championship. As said, this is really CDL has been the beacon of hope and light in the sports world since corona hit because say what you want. I understand the League has not been perfect I understand. People have been hit with Diaz attacks in events and that hasn't been handled. Well, I understand the game isn't that great at all. uninstalled it months ago right. So I get that I hear you but that doesn't take away that this is really been. The best source of entertainment if you're just looking at, you want the whole package when it comes to ease sporting event. CDL. Deliver that I think especially when it came to their championship and the playoffs so hats off to them right say what you want. But this really turned out to be I think the highlight of Cova de Sports thus far. Yeah for sure I. Mean like you said, it really was the total package. We had all the teams competing against one. Another regional differences there The viewing experience was still exciting I understand the players have their struggles, but that's you know. Unfortunately something that they really only have to deal with I'm not noticing the lag is I'm watching and things of that sort. Right? It was just pure entertainment for us. So yes, see cdl carry the torch during Kovin ended it ended with a bang to you know maybe we just Robertson just during the final four. That's all we'll be discussing and to start off with land in Dallas this weekend I mean that series really kind of set the tone for what we were gonNA. Get in this final four three showdown. I should say right with Dallas. ATLANTA CHICAGO WAITING And that went the distance right off the bat like. Dallas. Took that first game dropped the next to not GONNA lie inside I was a little nervous at that point with Dallas being down to you know to one in the managed to pull it out there. Dropping as into the lower bracket versus Chicago. But yeah that that really did set the tone and that was one of those where I think. Dallas. Really needed that victory because they had been so abysmal versus Atlanta throughout the year that that was almost felt like the confidence boost they needed to carry them into the final game right? Like I think they may have struggled at that point had they had to go up against Chicago after losing to Atlanta the same day because those games were played pretty much back to back later that afternoon was the second game and I thought had Dallas. Drop, that game. Chicago was playing good enough to potentially be able to beat them especially with the demoralized team coming there we talked about momentum all the time, and this was a big one like this was a big one i. felt for Dallas to to get that when I had more confidence in phase beating Chicago than I did Dallas beating Chicago at that point. Had Dallas loss because I agree with you, I. I think that the phase game the first phase game for Dallas was a huge confidence builder. Especially, you know I'd be curious and we'll get someone from Dallas on the show here. In the near future I'm curious on who was that a confidence builder for right would have been for the younger guys 'cause sometimes young and dumb is true right sometimes you're too much of a rookie to realize that hey, they have our number. Right there's truth to that because there's also on the opposite side where. You know they they might realize the situation right? So I wonder by beating them who was the confidence boost for? Was it for the young guys or was it for the old vets to be like we got this? So but either way they ended up pulling it off. Making it to the finals which hats off to both of us even though only one of us, we're right in our playoff predictions. At the start of the season we did both say I believe we'll have to run the tape, but Dallas was going to win Dallas I. Think was both of our favorites at the start of the entire season. Yeah I. mean or I again would probably go look at the tape if. I. Look. We're going to go with. ME. The way it was impressive though that that first game because that that game five, if you recall that it was Ramada that they played on. Dallas one, that six three. But I think like phase had opened kills on like seven or eight out of the nine maps that they played in. Dallas made some incredible comebacks along with some sloppy phase play. That allowed them to take that game five in. So that's also probably a good thing for Dallas to realize that point. Had we one that but if phase really played that game five, properly, it seemed like they should have won it. They had numbers in majority of the rounds They even had numbers I. Mean I think the Alien? Clare winning that four be two was such a clutch moment. In that search and destroy a cloister, hit a nasty wall bang on one of the rows that was probably one of the best wall banks you'll see in call of duty especially from a distance standpoint like the guy wasn't even it's not like he was on the other side of the wall he was running mid lane in place show was posted up in back in a in an dirty wall bank but you could see Dallas put in their homework look. That's what I took out of that is they were prepared for different scenarios. They were calm. Especially that four, V two but. Hell of a way to start off the weekend for sure for chimps.

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