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Good. Evening midnight moment. By Me Phoenix like to welcome all of our previous listeners, our new listeners have you here. Patriots Pau Spartan near from the midnight patriots. So one of the. Feel about anchored now. When we started this insanity, we always tell people. The reason we do this is because insomnia sucks almost as bad as tyranny. We would have these conversations between ourselves. The group chats. Throws things like that. We thought, hey man, you know we should just record a podcast but the more we looked the more expensive it became. We. Anger. Anger gives you all the tools you need to do this to make your voice heard and get your voice out there. You have an opinion you gotta use anchor everything from recording to editing to distribution that you'd be all the tools you need. To allow you to record your podcast right for your phone or your computer. Anchor covers distribution by getting on Apple. spotify and many many others. I mean how you can make money right from your own podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need in one spot in one place simple and effect. Get yourself anchor make voice her. I'm not exactly sure how exactly all came to be to this point that. One action prescribes a dozen more. A will preface all of this by saying yes I, believe the message wished moving is trying to get through. What I'm very strongly against the tactics. You don't tell seven-year-old. Not to dip their hand in the kool-aid and then hit him with a sledgehammer to make sure he got the. Rap. Little. Velvet on the sledgehammer to goes a lot further. Everybody knows that but. That's another topic for another day. So that said. I'd like to actually take a look at. Some of the media spun footage that you get from. Movements in specific towns where it's still US versus down the movement verses the Fed. Etc.. Again, one action prescribed more. We understand the messages were trying to get that across. Can't say that. The manor which it's being brought to everybody. Is the right one? Salt. That being said, you know my own beliefs and from things in my life? It's like watching call of duty in real life. No. Semblance. Of. Structure. Distracting taxes only gonNA work so far until your enemy figures it out. and. Quite frankly your consciousness rather lackluster. It's the same ending. You're not really accomplishing what you. Proclaim you're moving to get out. So, being the one action now prescribes twelve more one of those twelve as we have media hype. And they are hyping this timeout generation participation trophy generation right through the roof. Everybody's want their fifteen minutes of fame. What they don't understand why they're trying to get it. Are we funded by Powers to be elsewhere. People that want to. Seize the United States fall into. Chaos. Sex's anarchy. Maybe. Just opinion. Is it. A political. Party. Could it be? The other half that's trying to destroy presidency. Nobody really knows and I have questioned this from day one. Who is pulling the strings? As I've wind this down for the moment. I will. Reiterate that. This is all just opinion. and. Facts are available everybody everywhere myself included. The question that I find myself asking on a daily basis is what is the endgame? What is all of this going to? Are we demilitarising the police probably needs to happen. defunding the police. Okay chirp. But what part of your funding? What exact part? got a good answer that either. Are we trying to get social reform? We're trying to get political reform. What exactly are we going to accomplish with all of this? That said. Everybody have a good evening. Please, feel free to. Send Your questions commentary in love to hear. Ob. This episode midnight vomit part of the Knicks Patriots podcast brought to you this time by Phoenix crew member the majors you should have had that follow button, get notified you releases. Spartan reminding you constitution is not a suggestion. Good night.

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