NBA-led walkout over Jacob Blake's shooting marks evolution of protest in pro sports


N B, A to MLB to MLS, Tennessee NFL and some college teams, players walked off of basketball and tennis courts and practice fields to show solidarity and support social justice in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. A black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We asked Richard Lap Chick, head of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics and Sport at the University of Central Florida. Whether folks should be surprised sports activism in the sixties. You know, we're talking about Tommy spoken John Carlos and Mohammed Ali. Basically. They're the central figures and already face going to prison. As a result of refusing to go to Vietnam, Carlson spent literally were unemployed for seven years. After the Iraqis were athletes who took risks of their careers, in some cases, maybe even their lives. But today we have entered a different era that impacted Decision by the end, Bekah and its players association following the lead of more inbox. To cancel games to protest. What's going on over social justice issue is really unprecedented. Having those numbers and the unison. That took place on and then spread to other leads the WN ba Major League Soccer baseball individual athletes taking stands. We're in a completely different era. Athlete activism today than we were two years ago, and somebody has tried to get out there to be active during the whole 50 years. It's incredibly hard for me to see what we're doing, because I think we had to somebody more focus on innovation situation in the United States because of the impact of the pandemic and reopening schools are focused. It shifted from the racial reckoning to the pandemic, and that's gonna help us keep focused on both. Does this matter, Maurine the current climate in the nation in a year that the future of America is is going to be decided in a couple of weeks at the polls. And everybody's sense of anticipation on Racism on white supremacy, Uh, heightened because of that Ueno, where the turning point, he says things have changed among team owners. This represented a dramatic shift. Um, the the almost I think have have seen the life and they seem what happened in Washington. With the Washington football in this year, reopening the discussion on America literally being founded by actually genocide against indigenous people. On it was because we went through that name change. We're finally after all these years with the Washington team. That we started talking about indigenous people again in ways that we haven't sometimes so once again, it's a sports story that's opening the window on putting the spotlight on and we're watching That's Richard Lap chick at the University of Central Florida.

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