Picked up the endorsement of House Speaker Pelosi as he attempts done see Democratic Senator


His political life against primary Challenger Democratic Congressman Joe Kennedy Speaker Pelosi is touting kiddie grandson of former U S senator and Attorney General Robert Kennedy as one who knows how to win her words achieve progressive change. Whoever wins the state's primary September 1st is a virtual shoe into represent heavily Democratic Massachusetts for the next six years by your report, West Virginia's secretary of state, says rapper Kanye West spit to get on the ballot for president came up short on qualified signatures the celebrity rapper needed 7100 signatures from registered voters in state. He's admitted 15,000, but only 13,000 religion ble this's townhall dot com Republicans say they plant offer more hopeful vision of America than Democrats did. At their convention President Trump labeled the Democratic National Convention as dark and gloomy, pointing specifically to Joe Biden's acceptance speech United we can and will overcome. This season of darkness in America, the president said he offers a sharp contrast where Joe Biden sees American darkness. I see American greatness. Vice President Pence said the GOP will focus on law and order, and he promised a great lineup of speakers. Greg Clugston. Washington Students of dozens of colleges are demanding tuition cuts is more universities pivot, virtual learning. While some schools have offered

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