House passes $25B bill to block USPS changes ahead of election


Are voting on a $25 billion emergency funding bill for the Postal Service. Democrats believe it's necessary so that mail in ballots could be delivered on time to be counted. But it's not expected to be taken up by the Senate and the White House's threatened a veto it with President Trump Trump Today, Today, calling calling it it another another hoax hoax by by Democrats. Democrats. The The postmaster postmaster General General Louis Louis Detroit Detroit testified testified yesterday yesterday before before a a Senate Senate panel panel that that the the Postal Postal Service Service didn't didn't need need more help right away. New York's Carolyn Maloney has the joy, appearing before her committee on Monday at the White House has threatened to veto the bill. The White House says quote the administration Wraps that some have chosen to politicize required operational changes at the USPS. The White House notes that the joy says changes aren't needed until after the elections Boxes Chad program

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