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Trump, Inc.


And Kalinic actually discussed manafort joining the trump campaign. Before he had an invitation to join the trump campaign Narendra I want to turn to you because you covered the trump campaign you were at rallies and events, and I wonder how this report is. If it's causing you sort of revise everything that you saw back in two thousand sixteen and the events as they unfolded in our memory, how does this add to what actually happened? Well, it has been bringing me back to the Republican convention in Two Thousand Sixteen when which Paul Manafort was in charge of he was the campaign chief. He was in charge of the messaging and telling, US? Exactly. What? We were supposed to be taken away in who trump was trying to reach and what his message was and it made me realize that even the things that they talked about in two thousand sixteen, they talk about building the wall and they talked about immigration and they talked about lock her up and the doctor drain the swamp those were just sort of the top level themes in what we see from this report is that. Don Jr. last night mentioned the Loch Ness Monster and think it's sort of a fitting metaphor because with the loch ness monster, you only a little bit of it very the rest of it is beneath the surface. That is what this report makes me really clearly about two thousand sixteen is that during the campaign, we saw only the overt messaging and this connection between Paul Manafort in Constantine Kalinic in which. The bipartisan committee talks about how many times, Paul Manafort, and his deputy Rick Gates turned over sensitive polling data to the Russians and they made it very clear that clinic was conveying to various parties in Russia. This report says, we don't know what they did with it but what does anyone do with polling data would Paul Manafort do with polling data? The answer is micro target voters and try to sway various specific voters with messaging. So if you look at all of the pieces of this report, what emerges is this vast disinformation campaign that was taking place concurrently with the Republican, National Convention. and which very clearly again, I can't stress enough this bipartisan report how they lay out very clearly how the Russians were involved in it, and in fact, one of. The. Most interesting to me is that the Russians had a structure and the structure was that Oliveira? Pasta? An oligarch was in charge of election interference than he would work with Constantine Kalinic and it was Paul. Manafort job in other countries and Ukraine and Montenegro Georgia to run sort of the legit political side of things and they brought that structure. This report makes clear to the trump two, thousand, sixteen campaign. Natasha idea has been out there for some time really ever since we learned that Paul Manafort was passing point data to Constantine Kalinic that you know there's always been this question of what? Kalinic or the Russians did with that data how much does this report fill us in on that? I feel like it builds a strong circumstantial case. Yes circumstantial being the operative word. There I mean I think that there's still a gap in how much we know a big gap and how much we know about what they actually use up polling data for what Manafort had said was that the polling data was used to show his superiors or whatever you, WanNa call them in Ukraine that he was able to conduct a winning presidential campaign. People that he wanted to do business with sees that he was successfully managing this winning campaign and not showing them the numbers and trump doing well and certain states would help him financially because again, Paul Manafort was in the whole you know millions of dollars, and that's part of the reason why he joined the campaign to begin with was to try to drum up more business. So you know. We don't really know how plausible explanation is could be a little of both it could be that the Russians were passed this polling data by Collum neck and it was used to microtarget voters. We do know that there was a lot of Mike Retargeting going on by the campaign that's one of the ways that they used to be book most effective blade but

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