Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is self-explanatory


Suicide Squad kill the justice. League is about the suicide squad trying to kill the Justice League. The other big video game news from D., C. Fan Dome was learning a lot more about suicide squad kill the Justice League from rock steady games the developer of Arkham asylum city night. Suicide Squad kill the Justice League is officially its title and game is about the suicide squad trying to kill the Justice League the trailer for the game opened up on a decimated metropolis. There was a weird glowing giant purple skull ship in the distance and it cuts to Harley Quinn on a rooftop goofing off and making jokes in response to just the General Radio Chatter. Then the rest of the suicide squad was revealed along with Harley Quinn. This game will also feature Captain Boomerang with a pretty intense Australian. Dead Shot and King Shark they had some comedic banter making fun of dead shot for claiming he never misses well King Shark absent mindedly popped green lantern and Batman balloons, which is interesting to me because there have been side quests about popping balloons in the past arkham games. And then Amanda Waller came on the line telling them they had to get to work or she would blow them up. Was All pre rendered but the next part of the trailer gave a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of Gameplay Harley Quinn zipped around using some kind of Hook Shot zip-line thing and used her bat mainly to attack these weird purple enemies. King Shark looked slow but carried a big machine gun dead shot had a jet pack did a lot of shooting and Captain Boomerang had some kind of quick teleporting ability while he was also throwing boomerangs and other weapons. And all of this happened while outkast's B O b bombs over Baghdad played on top of it. After finishing off the group, they quipped that what they did probably will knock a few years off the sentence and then Harley remembered that there was an Alpha target they needed to pursue. And that's when Superman showed up with his classic Yellow Belt and red. Underwear look. At first, it seemed like he saved a helicopter pilot from a crash, but then his eyes start glowing purple and he killed the pilot prompting these suicide squad to realize they are meant to kill the Justice League, the trailer ended with. Superman. Not really reacting to getting hit in the head with some kind of pipe that guess King Shark through and it revealed a twenty twenty to release window for playstation five. Series. Exit PC. After that trailer host will Arnett revealed a few more details about the game with the voice cast from suicide squad who were in character Harley. Quinn specifically referenced getting excited about killing Batman and Captain Boomerang mentioned the flash. After that game director Sefton Hill showed up. There was this whole silly conceit that will Arnett was being transported around to his hosting duties and Hill had joked that they had just shipped him a green screen which was pretty good joke but he answered a few more questions. The game does play S- in the chronology. So it is technically a sequel to Batman Arkham night it's going to be a lot different, but narrative is moving the plot forward. They decided to do a suicide squad game because they consider their games character-driven and the suicide squad highlights. One of the things DC has always been particularly good at villains they appreciated how flawed they were. It also gave them the opportunity to create an interesting impossible scenario, which is, of course, hunting down the Justice League. The gameplay will be a hybrid of hero empowerment action and Gunplay, which is definitely a unique for rock steady Batman does not use guns. The game will offer up to four player Co op, but will totally be playable single player. If you're playing alone, the AI will handle your other members and you will apparently be able to swap between them seamlessly. You can also go back and forth between single and multiplayer over the course of game it is also an open world. That world being metropolis. The twenty twenty to release window really surprised me. Batman Arkham night released in two thousand fifteen they lent it a lot of support post release but I think it's pretty safe to assume they have been working on it at some capacity since that game released since arkham night released. A suicide squad game was also teased as early as two thousand thirteen where there was something at the end of Batman Arkham origins. So to learn it is nearly two years away. Surprised me. I'm not really disappointed. Honestly, I'm happy to wait just surprised I would have assumed it would be

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