Are going to put outside polling places. This is a big organizational challenge, but at least we know more

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Chooses. The president. Followed by the president pro TEM of the Senate. Who would be Grassley. Would be second in line behind Pelosi. But the on ly kicks in the presidential succession Act on Ly kicks in if Congress is unable to choose a winner, so there would be an election. It doesn't necessary and the president's got all this started saying, Well, that's you know, it's going to go to Pelosi. It's not that simple. The House has to vote on who the president would be, and they could nominate Someone other than Nancy Pelosi. There, he's making a presumption there. Why is does that clear things up for you? Well, it's voted on just by the members of the house so that immediately the Republicans are in disadvantage. Obviously, numerically so Then, if it's voted on just strictly by the Congress, members of Congress and it should sway The Democrats IDing And here's the thing The House chooses. The president and the Senate chooses the vice president because that the vice president is the president of the Senate, so the outcome of the election It will be the new Congress that makes that determination. So if the if the Republicans lose the Senate Then Democrats will be choosing both the president and vice president. If there's no outcome and listen, I think that that's a Hail Mary in the first place. I

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