Episode 144 - Suresh Madhaven Part 1

Cleared Hot


My guest today is. Mad Haven I know right coolest name ever way better than Andy Stump from until you that much right now. But I digress suresh. Is. A fascinating human being his experience. Blew me away. I don't know how else to describe that. This was the longest podcast I have ever recorded, which is why cut it into I feel like four plus hours is probably too much in one shot. But we filled that four plus hours. We talked about a lot of stuff. Suresh was a police officer for thirteen years. But his path to becoming a police officer. I'm GONNA describe as a typical. Maybe not the path to becoming a police officer, but where he was hired was. Certainly for that department. Groundbreaking and I won't get any deeper into that because we talk about it during the podcast we talk about where his family is from where he grew up on the east coast, his experience as a man of color in this country as a man of color in law enforcement and. His insight and opinion. As. The things that are happening in the world right now through the Lens of not only law enforcement like I said somebody who has a perspective that I don't think most of us. Ever, take the time to think about because we don't really experience it on a day to day level in addition to his past and the law enforcement world. He is the founder and CEO of two to one B. as in Bravo tactical. An organization that makes equipment for the Law Enforcement First Responder World. And on that note. I'm shut up and let. Suraj speak for himself episode one, forty, four, Suresh mad haven part one. Enjoy. Smoke. Smoke. Smoke. I'm looking at danger close. Malt. We could do this fucking podcast about Apple, Oh my God. I look at all the apple boxes in my house and like probably keeping the lights on in that place why do you keep the boxes I say, I'm going to keep them. Just. So until that period of when like it works whatever. So Mike I'm just GONNA, keep it for like a month just in case like. Or something you gotta give them credit there. What would that be a packaging branding it is. Lights out I love the experience and they designed it to love the experience of pulling an apple product out in for those androids out there users out there fuck you. Yeah. That's how I go I. Don't know who like I'm like who like I when when the text message comes up and it's green yeah and I'm like spam, what is who are you? Who are you I actually? A couple of podcast goes talking shit on android users jokingly. Yeah. They apparently don't have a sense of humor because I got a few notes of go fuck yourself Oh, my God checking kind of appreciate yeah. Seriously that's like that at another thing that's Today's culture right? It is I think well, hopefully, I mean sarcasm is my primary weapon system. So hopefully, people can tell that I was laying on I, take their. Feedback s sarcasm to yeah. Except for the one who literally wrote me a three pager on how android is better because it's open ended on. Get the fuck Outta here Lis. Lis. You have too much time on your hands. So you do so I've been looking at it so I had you know, of course, I had my iphone and I had my macbook yet. To have the same and that's why I wonder on an IPAD had him in the past it's A. It has been for me a nice to have it never actually filled a gap anywhere. It was never need to have which don't keep wrong. It didn't stop me from buying it. But I've actually you're the second person I've asked about this.

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