Can any long shots stun Tiz The Law at Ky. Derby?


All right. Jody Delhi is going to give us the odds on the Kentucky Derby race. Of course we've heard about is the law. Everybody's liked his. The law is the law. Well, there are other horses in the race. Right, Jody? That's right. Says the law is 45. This is current odds right now. They just opened the windows this morning. Ah, 25 minutes ago. This is current odds. Tis a law fortified. And then there is a pretty good distance between him and the next horses. And the next course is there's actually a pretty good distance of who are a pretty good racer. Who's the second choice right now. It would be Santa Anita Derby winner Honor AP at 8 to 1 Authentic, though, is 9 to 1. That's Bob Baffert horse who won the Haskell Tendo one Bob Baffert horse 1000 words Who won the shared beliefs. So you've got those horses? Ahh, right there. All four vying for second choice in the Derby. Let's run from the inside, post position out. We'll give you all of the odds here. A CZ. We go through it finish the fierce. The number one horse, The one eyed gilding has been scratched. He is not running in the race number two Max player, Ricardo Santana Jr. The jockey, Steve asked. Musa is the trainer Max player. Is down. 18 Toe one. He was a morning line. 30 to 1. He's back. He's been bet. Pretty good. So far enforceable. Adam. The skits of the jockey Mark Cassie is the trainer 23 to 1 down a little bit from 30 to 1 in the morning line. Storm. The court who was the breeder's Cup juvenile champion last year, Julien Les Peru is the jockey Peter Kurten is the trainer 26 to 1, Major fed James Graham and Greg fully 34 to 1. They were 50 to 1 in the morning line. Number six. King Guillermo has been scratched. Money moves. This is the one that is interesting to me. Money moves from Todd Pletcher, making just his fourth career start. Was a 32 1 in the morning line and is getting bet. Heavy. Todd Pletcher's Horse Down 15 to 1 South Bend. I don't think all the Notre Dame Ah money has come in yet on South Been 34 to 1, Tyler Gaffney, Leone and Belmont trainer. Mr Big News. Gabriel Sias trainer Brett Calhoun 47 to 1 number 10,000 words as we said 10 to 1. Number 11 Necker Island, who, by the way will have his blinkers off, so he's been running with blinkers on in his last few races. He will not wear blinkers today 51 to 1 Miguel Mania and Chris Hartman is the trainer. Soul a Valon Day. Patrick being cone Lucas Panici is the jockey Volonte 29 to 1 attachment, Right, Dale? Romans 49 the one I thought that he would actually get a bet down. I'm a little surprised that that one winning surprise winning impression is no surprise. He is 52 to 1, the longest shot on the board. Dallas Stuart and Joe Rocco. In the irons, New York traffic 15 to 1, Paco Lopez and Saffy Joseph is Ah Ah, actually, I think he's gonna end up being like the third or fourth choice when it's all said and done. Probably a little bit of a buzz horse here out here among the horseman Honore P. 8 to 1 in the 16 post position with Mike Smith. John Sheriff's is the trainer. Tis the law 4 to 5, Manny Franco and Barclay Tagg. An authentic on the outside Bob Baffert 9 to 1 John Velazquez in the iron, So there's your Kentucky Derby odds for right now and again betting is open. And we've got a bunch of our hot We have 30 minutes to the first post 31 minutes right now to the first post long time before we get to the Kentucky Derby, So a lot of money will be bet on there, Terry.

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