How did the GOP become the party of Trump?


For, a long time you didn't need to vote for the Republican Party to understand what it thought. It stood for this was the GOP, the grand old party natural political home of Steel Spine Rock ribbed American patriots who feed gold revered the flag and prized freedom. The Great. Republican presidents was serious people Abraham Lincoln the laconic lawyer who saved the Union freed the Slaves Theodore Roosevelt these swashbuckling polymath with a sweeping vision of America's place in the world. Dwight Eisenhower. The general who are treated d day liberated Europe. Then signed the first civil rights bill balanced the budget and ended the war in Korea Ronald Reagan. The indefatigable optimist who won the Cold War George H, w Bush. The bomber pilot turned oil baron who wanted a kinder gentler nation. Republicans. Preached Individual Liberty Individual Responsibility? Civic. Respectability they believed themselves stolid practical, dignified, and decent. If. One had to conjure a cartoonish affront to all that the GOP has affected to hold dearest one would arrive at a caricature very much like President Donald trump a godless draft dodger, a leering creep, an incorrigible liar, a perennial associate of Crooks Yahoos and Weirdos and a shameless ignoramus. But there he is at least until January twentieth and possibly for four beyond. In. The first episode of our series looking at the twenty twenty US presidential election, we'll ask how when, and why. The Party of Lincoln became the Party of trump. Why have so many GOP grandees being so willing to go along with this and what kind of future Republicans have once America runs out of angry mean old white guys

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