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Can lay out for it won't now will shoot me to think that I would make statements negative, too. Our military and our fallen heroes When nobody's done. What I've done with the budget with military budget was getting pay raises probability. That is a disgraceful situation like you when you're faced with the same situation. You always asking for people to go on the record and then ultimately you have to make it when they don't want to go. We both experienced why people don't want to go. They don't want to be inundated with, uh, angry tweets and and all the rest of these parties are too big to crowded. People are simply not being responsible. For example. This is the guy that wants a fact Checker fact checking the debate live. He wants a scroll at the bottom of the debates. So in fact, you know what you just said. Lightning. Biden's given a little thing now about the economy. He said. Trump may be the only president in history who leaves office

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