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Did we know all of the absolute insanity and how the world has turned upside down even more than it than it had previously so you're right there is a new level of fear and there are more concerns than I even had a year ago where a few months ago. But at the same time I think being a mom has also just the time over the past year has it has. Given me has reminded me the importance of of remembering that people are not placed on earth at the time that they were placed on earth arbitrarily by God. So he intentionally and purposefully puts the generations when and where and how he does it for a reason and so like I've said on my podcast before like he didn't choose our birthdays arbitrarily or flippantly like he didn't say okay, this sounds good. This group of people will might be good right there but maybe not maybe they won't be able to handle it. I have to remind myself that he does things purposefully and with intention and if he predestined. To be born when we were born where we were born have the abilities that we have had the platform that we have have the marriages, the kids whatever that we have been the same goes for our children and so it was it arbitrary that he made her birthday when it was in that he decided that she was going to live through this time. The same will be true for your. Nephews for your kids. It's on purpose, and if he equips every generation to deal with the problems that they are facing, just like he did for the greatest generation in like he's going to do now that I have to trust the it's scary and even if we do see the end of American liberty in this great American experiment that we have all from that I have to trust that he is. Going to equip his people for whatever issues that we are going to face a have to trust that and I hope in that and also have to remember that ultimately for the Christian. This world is not our home that we I hope that America goes back in that we reroute in that we go the way of American liberty and and prosperity but even if we don't Jesus does promise that. He is going to rule in perfect peace one day, and that is what I ultimately have to look forward to and that is the hope that I have to clean to or else I will spiral into fear and that's not good for anyone. Well, I think there are so many moms who needed to hear that. But I'm just like I felt instantly relieved when you said that I think that. Is Probably the best most optimistic perspective that I've ever heard in all of this and I get inundated all the time you know as you do with questions from people around the world and one thing that I see recurring a lot especially in mom's is they're really fearful about the direction that the school systems have taken and we saw this obviously happening you and I have done a lot. Of you know a lot of public speaking about this what would be your advice to them as a mother. Now, you know you're much more tethered into the discussion about what they should be doing with their children even not even just in grade school was that's how young the indoctrinate star but even through to college welby perspective on that what I think parents need to realize and I know. I'm a new mom so I'm not trying to say, Oh, I, have all the wisdom for you know the MOMS with five kids with teenagers and things like that. I understand I have very limited experience. Thankfully, I have sisters in law a have a lot of women in my life who have a lot of children have a lot of experience that I've been able to to learn from and just from. Being engaged in the culture like you are have been able to see some of the trends that you're talking about I was interviewing someone the other day who said something very poignant and true that the the battleground ideas doesn't start in middle school or high school or college like we used to think it starts on the playground. It's ours when they're three years old at starting at preschool it starts. In the nursery rhymes that they are listening to and the things they're watching on Netflix. There's an ideology that is being pushed behind so much of the content and the conversations. That are surrounding our young children. So my encouragement to MOMS especially. Christian. MOMS that's just the perspective that I have is start preparing your kids, your babies, your toddlers right now reading the things that you want to read certain teaching them about the Bible without God's worried about who created them, who created the heavens and the Earth start laying that foundation right now and. I can talk about at a different time or provide in a different way different resources that I think moms can be using but just make sure that right now especially when your kids are home before they are gone for eight hours a day at school to make sure that you lay the groundwork for the Christian values or whatever you're values are for your children. Start Shaping their minds right now so that they're equipped my other piece of advice that I would have again as an inexperienced mom. But his mom who sees what's happening in government schools get your kids out of government schools there as a a wonderful pastor by the name of voting baucom and he has talked about just indoctrination happens in public schools and he says. You know you can't send your kids to Caesar and be surprised when they come back Romans and it's true when you send your kids to government schools with government ideology, which happens to be a left-wing ideology. So much of the time they are going to, they're going to be affected by that and possibly infected by that and so the question for the. Parent is do you want to battle with that? Like do you want battle with the ideology that your child is learning for eight hours a

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