Breaking Down the New York Giants Initial Practice Squad

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Other thing going on with the giants roster is the shaping of their practice squad. We're not gonNA project who we think is going to be on the practice squad because as were recording it, we should receive some type of news by the end of the day Sunday, who is on the practice squad for some reason? You probably noticing this to the giants have been taking their time. To the fullest extreme to put in all this information, their fifty three man roster I think was announced. Ten or fifteen minutes after the required four o'clock deadline. Meanwhile, every other team had already gotten their stuff in before that chalk that up to Dave gettleman and Joe Judge trying to take their time in re be very detailed with it. They also this is official that we already talked about some of the claims but they have claimed offense tackle Jackson, Barton, wide receiver, Damian Rally, and then also safety Adrian Colbert they could either end up on the roster or be pushed to the practice squad. But the one thing that's worth noting and we're GONNA talk about the practice once official on another episode but it's worth noting that this season the practice squad is very. Very unique. It's bigger than it typically is and teams are going to be using it as a shuffling group that if someone gets sick, they can send them home quickly, sign them to come play right away they're gonNA travel. I would bet with most of if not all of these guys and have the bill availability to sign them immediately in the case of an emergency yet honestly to for me, that's kind of a step closer to what the practice squad should be anyway I I've never really liked the practice squad the way it has been where it's limited the guys who can be on it are very limited in the amount experience they can have and. They're really not protected at all. So any team can basically swipe a player off any other teams practice squad on very little notice. and. To me I I really do like these changes to the practice squad rules. The fact that it's bigger that the teams can keep more players around they don't have quite the same constraints on. Experience that we've seen in years past and the fact that they can promote guys from the practice squad to the active roster on basically ninety minutes notice. So I really like the flexibility that that gives teams and I'm sure we're going to be seeing teams take advantage of that this year probably in ways that the NFL isn't exactly planning on. And I wouldn't be surprised if there are certain aspects of this short-term practice squad for this season that are maybe tried to be translated into next year or come next CBS negotiation asked for by the players. So more players can stick around and be retained by their various teams it. It is a lot better like you said, Chris compared to way the way. That they've done it previously, it's better to have more guys if you can carry as many guys as they are allowed to this

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