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News time to 20 traffic and weather together on the eights. Here's Claire Lane. Got a lane closure here in Little Village. Cermak blocked so it's a street closure lanes of the street kids in California due to police activity. Just avoid Cermak. If you'd taken between kids in California consider 26 for the time being. Eaton's You're fine. That's either way Kennedy are good until you get to the junction, 25 to O'Hare Mountains 35 0 air into the Jane Byrne about 22 coming in off the Edens Haven't invited Eisenhower crash in the left lane. A 25th so pretty heavy for Mannheim 37 minutes coming in from around 3 90 22 coming in from Mannheim up on 24 Spector, man I'm 37 23 90 Steve. It's not still pretty solid route 83 2 veterans. This is due to ongoing cleanup earlier semi fire south on 55 53. It's just been moved to the shoulder that right lane has been reopened again. You're looking at 47 minutes. Lakeshore Drive to 3 55. And then, of course, your salad 2 53. I'll put on the riot is 20 about his 27 57 The Bishop Ford are still clear. Tollways. You're looking great, But your heavy South lakeshore drive from the Oak Street curve down to Chicago have Extravagant for 2 38 NewsRadio 7 81 of five point sunshine in Chicago land throughout the rest of your afternoon. The next several days look pretty good. In fact,

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