My Husband's New Hobby is Harrassing People


Corona virus arrived in February and my husband retired in May, like the rest of us he is in doing what he planned gone. Ernie thoughts of traveling attending sports events or picking up a job as a substitute teacher I worried at first about what he would do when he retired he doesn't Gulf or fish and has never had hobbies. But I didn't need to worry he's found a new hobby and it's consuming hours of his time. He is now harassing people. The other day he spent an hour on the phone with our Internet provider. He found out he could save twenty dollars a month by cancelling his current contract and starting out as a new customer by the end of their conversation. He had lowered our bill by sixty dollars the day before that, he spent three hours talking to the insurance company. When he got off the phone, he said I got our premiums reduced and there's no copay. Last. Week, we got a check for one hundred and fifty dollars in the mail. What's this check for I ass? That's from the class action suit. He said class action suit. Yeah. That's why I was on the phone. So Long I looked through our records and found out we were eligible for some money. Today I opened an envelope and a fifty dollar check fluttered out. That's a refund for overpaying our dental bill. My husband said I was on the phone with them for three hours I had to speak with four different managers before the agreed it was their mistake. At first I was irritated by his endless hours on the phone. But now I'm enjoying his hobby I like watching checks drift in but even better than a cheque is my brand new stainless steel oven. Yes. You heard me right I I have a brand new stainless steel oven. Are Old of and broke and we have a yearly service contract for appliance repairs. The service company sent out a repairman, but he needed to order a part only the oven was so old the part no longer existed. My husband got out the service contract and read all twenty six pages until he got to the fine print. Do you see this he jabbed a finger at a line of print the size of fire ants. I can't see it even when my glasses on what's it say? I, ask. It says, if can't fix our appliance, they have to buy a new one. I didn't believe even with his success ed acquiring checks that somebody would give us a free appliance. I was wrong. It took him six emails, four phone calls and some texting back and forth. But we finally got to pick out a gleaming new stainless steel oven, several more phone calls and the service company installed it for free. I think you wore them down I said. I thought this was his biggest harassment success story but there's more talked our daughter into buying a service contract with the same company. But when her washing machine broke, the repairman couldn't fix it after a month of going to the LAUNDROMAT and washing clothes outside in a plastic kids swimming pool she called. Dan Do you have any suggestions we've been without a washing machine for a month. Did you read the fine print of your contract? My husband said I think you can get a new washing machine give them a call. She called them but she was too busy to spend hours on the phone and her husband is more like me. He likes the tenacity in the stomach for the necessary blitz Craig phone calls. So my husband went to work only this time it looked as if success would elude him. They sent another repairmen out, but it still doesn't work. Right our daughter complained they said, I'm not eligible for a new one. My husband escalated the situation. He even stayed on the phone when we were taking our walks, you go ahead of me. He said, as soon as we headed down the sidewalk, I've got a manager on the line. This went on for three days and then our daughter called with good news. She had a new washing machine. I can't believe it. She said no washing clothes and the kids poll. Today. My husband is on the phone with the mortgage company. I don't know what they're talking about, but it's a long conversation.

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