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APP and please take a minute to rate and review the show those reviews really help others find us. Hey, it's a year to get out the vote right. So let the folks in America's best racing know that you want to include in the gate in their fan choice awards this November where we should have been last year. We're not interested in voter suppression around here. So let America's best bracing no through their facebook twitter or instagram accounts. The Star crossed career of maximum security includes crossing the line I in the Kentucky Derby and in the world's richest race, the Saudi cop but not be the winner of either of them. You know about the interference kerfuffle at the Derby and then this past February this happen but Jukka style. Backwards leading by a couple of expand battle gotree all the I've eaten. Honey on. The inside running. Challenge Baxter's the judges well, you chunk up the lead maximum security. Thought Basic. Max Scherzer estimate can. Maximum. Cow. But for racy. Yeah about that just nine days after this race on March ninth maximum securities, trainer Jason Service and Twenty six other people including another trainer or Hey Navarro were indicted on charges of giving their horses illegal drugs in order to improve their performances. Saudi officials have still not paid out the first place money to maximum security owners, Gary and Mary West, and depending on the results of the investigation they might not services trial has not yet begun, but almost immediately after the announcement of the indictments. Gary and Mary West Transferred the Horse From Services Barn to Bob Baffert Bob baffert associate cesspool that grade one winners now almost literally fall out of the trees for him. BAFFERT wanted time to train the horse his way, and so he didn't start again until mid-july at the beginning of the del Mar meet where he won the San Diego. Handicap in his most recent start maximum security came back near the end of the meat to capture the signature race where the surf meets the turn. Maximum Security Sharp Samurai just won't go away. He's still just a neck and they're into the stretch in its maximum security off turn in front sharp. Samurai has run a big one today but with one Furlong Ron maximum security has the lead he's opened up by to Sharp Samurai his second behind maximum security who takes them all the way in the Teeny G Pacific classic. In this weekend's Breeders Cup Classic Prep. The awesome again stakes Lewis. Is. Climbs back. Home Security for the first time since the Saudi Cup able sedillo wrote him in the two wins at del Mar. Let's take a look at the awesome again and the other Breeders Cup preview races at Santa Anita this weekend to help us do that. We welcome back to the show, our friend Terry Terrell, who's been covering racing on the West Coast Sinc-. Biscuits win in the big CAP. That's not actually true. So Terry Baffert has not just one big contender for the awesome again, but to don't forget about improbable, I stood outside the wrought iron fence on the far turn at Saratoga no spectators allowed inside. You know to watch him win the Whitney how will their respective running styles affect the outcome of this race? Yeah well, you know. Of course, he's he holds the keys in there because he's got to the horses that are GonNa be right there on the engine. Now, who is going to take the lead you know the past performances don't show you that either one of these sources especially maximum security that WANNA rate so. You know to me and you've got the five horses you got four then show they only want to race on the front end. And maybe the sleepy is todd that has a couple of races from off the pace and midcourt the shares who This is a goofy horse, but he's got a ton of talent but midnight lute I'm not sure they WANNA go. Away so it's an interesting race and which one is Africa. And is he gonNA, put one to protect. It's GONNA use improbable to protect maximum security but you don't want to say that but it's always in everybody's mind cause he's done it so many times in big races. And it's really owed to the fact that Bob Baffert has one type of horse that he gets a horse that runs on or near the early lead on dirt. That's how all his horses run. Exactly, exactly. Bob Baffert whole year is gear around winning triple crown races. He's got sixteen of them now, more than any other trainer ever, and so looking ahead to next year's triple crown races, which may be running their normal calendar slots. Who knows he's got a good looking two year old and Spielberg of course with a name like that, he'd have to run their Hollywood. This horses run twice finishing second both times including the del Mar Futurity Baffert Wheel Spielberg back in nineteen days to run the American Pharaoh. Stakes of course named for the two thousand fifteen triple crown winner where to Spielberg, fit with the others in this race. That's a good race. To me this, this will not exactly given indication of the two year olds that are out there because history is comes up to me. It comes up rather weak as far as the top two year olds in the country I'm not sold on Spielberg. In Miller's got one in they're going to be trying the dirt for the first time West End is an interesting horse, but I don't think has the class to go with these guys Sharief's on the outside when he blinkers on probably one that might have the most challenging. My opinion was print. You've got the Sarah on the inside and interesting jockey change on the Mike McCarthy. Ron Bauer who wants to come out of the clouds and and Mike McCarthy he brings them up to the big races and he's a real danger and there. So I think it's Wide Open I. Don't think you can circle Spielberg. By any means I I could see I six having a good shot in here and I would take a shot on on borough with Mike Smith. Yeah, it's hard to give party bet against. Mike in a big race like that. The thing with wasps current is he gets Umberto resply who has really been a wonderkid out in California but so few people outside of California still know who he is and mainly he wins on turf. But yeah, I have to believe that risk believe with all that confidence has a real shot on wall sprint. I do too. That's I. Think he has a big shot in definitely in the top five of the courses I'd use an exotic and structuring trifecta tickets or exotic tickets. The respond is an interesting story gets agent Scott McClellan when Talamo went back to ride in the mid west he was without a jockey in the first time he'd been without jockey probably in the thirty forty years ago he was able to pick up on the on the vice of or on the recommendation abroad Anderson. And responded was all set to go back east and then run Anderson ended up getting the share Velazquez and then he's got Joel Rosario. So I decided to stay here but I really think after the del Mar meet and the way that he's writing that I don't think you'll stay in California, which appears right now to be into the three day a week mode of racine and I, don't think that's enough mounts for racing three days a week just Friday Saturday Sunday. Now back when we had him on the gate in the summer, he said he loved California planned on staying there. But I think you make a good point Bob Baffert also looms large in the two year old filly race the chandelier he sends out a clear favourite and princess nor winner of the Del Mar debutante on Labor Day weekend she's to for to does anybody have

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