Amazon update: An indoor security drone! Round Echos!

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The show. Hey, it's Graham. You're listening to talking tech I, WanNa, fill you in on all those new products that Amazon introduced today, and unlike some of the other companies that come out with some new stuff and you say, like, how's it different? I don't understand. Well Gosh. Some of the stuff is pretty radical. Let's start with the ECHO speaker, which is now all-round. It looks totally different. There's a three new ones and they're all in the shape of the ball. You all know the ring video doorbell. Now there's GonNa be a ring security camera in your car. It's going to cost two hundred dollars. It will send you alerts via the ring APP. It senses a tempted break-ins drivers can get alive you and check in on the vehicle and surrounding areas. There's also a cheaper version without a camera selling for sixty dollars that will monitor for impacts, break INS, toes, and more but the ring product that I'm really intrigued about is called the always home cam it's an indoor drone. It flies all over the house to see what's going on. Okay Great I've flown a drone inside the house in it ain't easy. This drones GONNA fly automatically without. Presumably a controller it's going to sell for two hundred, fifty dollars. I can't wait to see how this one works. I am extremely sceptical, but if they pull it off great. All. The new ring products coming in twenty twenty one. Okay. Keeping with the radical there's a new echo show echo show of course, is the ECHO unit with a video display. This year is the ECHO show ten. You will come out later this year and it rotates it's on a rotating base as you use it for video calls, it will rotate with you as you move around the room that sounds kind of fun or it

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