Prior to school opening and did have a clear background check from school officials when he was hired. Federal


Hired. Federal investigators are looking into if Southern California's Edison equipment is to blame for the raging bobcat fire from above. You can see charred land near Southern California Edison Power lines at the Constable Reservoir in the mountains above. Azusa Edison revealed it had an equipment issue near the damn minutes before the fire started their September 6. Smoke was visible on a sky camera. Residents all along the San Gabriel Valley have been dealing with the smoke and help hazards for several days and you could not see the mountain behind us, which is About two blocks from our house. Hey, Cal's Candice Crone with that report out of California. Let's go back to New Hampshire of body has been found in the northern part of the Granite State officials are saying it may belong to a keen man reported missing earlier this week. The union leader reports the man's death is

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