What's the best mic for podcasting?

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To, kick off his answer to the Cuny Wednesday question. What is the best Mike for podcasting? WanNa start by saying that I've done a ton of research on this topic. I've done a incredible amount of experimentation We've recorded over sixteen hundred episodes of this podcast and every single time record an episode. We try so many different things to improve the quality of the audio of the sound of the edit to continually be professional and compete with professional podcasts. So I'm not going to geek out on giving you all these different types of microphones you can buy on. Ana, give you the summation of what I've learned over the years. Will you really need to know what I would tell somebody if they're getting started with a podcast? Actually going to start somewhere completely different somewhere. The whole thing to do with microphones because you can have a state of the art microphone that costs five hundred dollars plus but it will do you. No. Good. If you're space is awful if we're you record is not a good space as conducive to recording, it doesn't matter what you're going to use to record for example, very court my podcast with a great quality Mike but There's construction going on there's noises dog barking I'm in a room with high. Ceilings and no installation that record is going to sound straight trash. Okay. It doesn't matter that you have a great Mike because your environment is horrible. Good news is that you can easily manager environment and make sure that wherever you record, it's actually conducive to agree recording. So one of the things I highly recommend is your cord either in a walk in closet or closet, the has shelving the bare minimum have your mic on a shelf in a closet and you record into that shelving into the closet. Because your voice is being projected towards the mayank into the closet, and because the shelving is kind of. Confined like into a box, your voice is not going to be bouncing around a lot across the room. It's going to be confined to the closet. This is sort of creating a makeshift soundproofing or sound booth. This is going sound a whole lot better than you just having your Mike at your desk in a big room. The next level up is to actually record in a sound proofing box. This is an actual Foam box has soundproofing that you place your mic inside. And you place that box into a closet or a shelf, and this really makes everything sound like studio quality. It's incredible and your listeners just using a portable soundproof box that you can buy Amazon it's about two hundred dollars, but it's actually worth more than the actual Mike it's actually going to improve the quality of your audio more than the actual. Mike. Itself I actually. Just. Looked it up on Amazon and the one I was thinking of a travel on, which is two hundred dollars. There's actually an alternative one that is in portable, but it's only thirty six bucks. It's called the choice studio sound recording, vocal booth thirty, six dollars. It's basically a box me out of foam where you can place your mic inside and talk right into it. That is going to make a tremendous difference. Now, let's talk about Mike's There are whole much of mine because I can go through but I'm GonNa give you two mikes. One that I would say is absolutely amazing for the price and you can actually use for all your podcasting with that soundproofing for as long as you like, and the second one is going to be if you insist on buying something expensive, this is the one I recommend. So the first one is the Audio Technica eighteen or twenty, one, hundred, it retails for about one hundred bucks on Amazon it's a be an xl are Mike, which is great. That means if it's used. To your computer and record using your recording software right on your computer or they're using quicktime or Daswani, or garage band or whatever using record your audio. Now I mentioned ex- LAR-. It also does acceler excellent actual cable that needs to go into a sound or quarter like a Zumra quarter if you don't own talking about then this is kind of technical and you may want to Google that but if you're interested in recording on your Laptop than you have to get a Mike, this be compatible which is this one, the audio tape, a tr twenty, one, hundred. This is why I think is one of the best Mike's you can buy period for podcasting for a webinars for calls. It's fantastic. It's really really an amazing quality Mike. It's on intellectual mish means that when you speak into the mic picks up your voice and it does its best of not picking up. Anything that's around in the room. So even if somebody's shouting across the hallway, if you're in a different room, it won't pick up

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