Kentucky AG Warns to Not Let 'Celebrities, Influencers and Activists' in Wake of Breonna Taylor Decision 'Capture Our Emotions'


Here, Kentucky's Attorney General. Daniel. Cameron. Today. According to Kentucky Law. The use of force by mattingly in Cosgrove was justified to protect themselves. This. Justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges. In Miss Brianna Taylor's death justice is not often easy. Does Not fit the mold of public opinion, and it does not conform to shifting standards. Now is the Reverend Al Sharpton. The host of MSNBC's politics. Nation. He's author of the New Book Rise up confronting a country at the crossroads which will be available Tuesday Reverend Sharpton, your reaction to what the attorney general had to say and what's unfolded tonight in Louisville. Out My reaction is that certainly it is not surprising, but it is still allowing to see that a grand jury and grand jury usually a totally framed by what the prosecutor plus before because that's the only lawyer in the role to come back and say that we will charge and also for all the violence that he did cause and the cause for those. Surrounding an area on apartment that we kill someone, but we will not charge him with killing. Someone shows an outrageous an unbelievable kind of justification for doing nothing around the death of Brianna Taylor. Brianna Taylor was not even mentioned in the indictment if anyone wants to know why we are saying black lives should matter they acrylic saying Louisville. The day did not math. That attorney general to even attack those of us that supported the family at the family's request saying that the celebrities and influence activists on that wealth from end to Kentucky or should not there to give their views when we're welcome there to watch horses run around the track for the Louisville Dirt Louisville Kentucky Derby. But we're not welcomed to stand up for the life of value and worth of a black woman who's only actions that night issue to better in our own home committing no crime involved with no criminal activity. That's why we continue to. That's why we should vote in. We should use the fact that you can vote in November even in Kentucky even though we couldn't vote the grand jury we ought, to sin, Mitch McConnell into retirement as a deposit on the justice we want for the retailers of. I want to let the audience here what you were just referring to the Kentucky Attorney General who is a Republican talked today about activists from out of state who don't live in Kentucky. As if they have no right to talk about this, let's listen to that. There will be celebrities, influencers and activists who having lived in Kentucky. We tried to tell us how to feel suggesting they understand the facts of this case that they know our community and the Commonwealth better than we do. But they don't. Let's not give into their attempts to influence our thinking or capture our emotions. It sounds like he was talking about you. Talking about me and many others than many that up right there on the ground. From out of state but let me remind people that all of the activities of Leonidas Attorney Ben crump was at the invitation of the Family WanNa. Justice. And if you know it's an old playbook calling people outside Agitators Monitor King Junior and John Lewis Super Far greater than us will call that that will not in any way stopped mood that's gone on all over this country and the way to deal with this, we must try to change the laws and one way to do that is to change the lawmakers. We must turn our pain in the power in the rubble must continue to non-binding march to keep these. Alive. Riyan Taylor matting her life matters and we don't have to be a citizen of Louisville to say that and many Citizens Louisville are saying that as well and just last week. The right thing did happen on the civil case the city settled with the family for twelve million dollars and you know that settlement never would have happened without you and others bringing national attention to this case. Well absolutely, and why would you settle for that record amount of money if there was no wrong had been done and one of the reasons that we marched by the tens of thousands in Washington just three weeks ago and details mother spoken that much is because we clearly need is George Floyd policing injustice act passed by the Senate, passed by the House that would also make will officers if they commit a crime are subject of of the lawsuits and pretzels have to deal with it taxpayers paying forward individual offices do and are not held accountable for we need to change the laws by changing the lawmakers.

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