‘Tosh.0’ to End After 12 Seasons at Comedy Central


Point. Oh, coming to an end the show wrapping after its upcoming Twelfth Season Daniel Tosh just signed a four season deal with comedy central back in January. So not sure if he's going to remain with the network season twelve of top debut. September fifteenth on Comedy Central. Did anybody else like, kind of raised eyebrows. When you heard that he just got a four season extension was going to go through sixteen seasons of tosh boy. No I didn't even know it was still there. I lost track of Tauch. I've actually been wondering where he is like just in terms of doing stand up because you just haven't heard his name as much. As I cannot believe that that show has been going on that long. That's crazy. He was so smart about that whole ride though he knew it was going to come to an end and he just went out and did a ton of standup shows around centered around the success of that show and banked a ton of money. 'cause you knew it was gonNA come to a narrow eventually. It just was a format that. You can go on twitter and see a million different comics doing the same thing. Every single day now. So I I still thought their writers were good. It was super edgy and it was I. thought that was hilarious.

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