Sutra Statements For The Sixth Principle


Hello, my friends. This is daily bread. Continuing our discussion on the six principle of singer dusty. Today I'd like to offer you Sutra statements that obliged to the sixth principal, celebrating the dawn of because most. Start always with a few minutes of No breath awareness using a month rife you want. Start now with the following steps. Will number them today number one imagine that you're a shape shifter. Imagine the to shifting shapes. Animals goddesses, God's humans. Other beings. And as you shift shape mentally recite Shiva. Mentally Shell shocked. Imagine that you can be both masculine and feminine if you choose and Mentally Recite Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Imagine that you're strong decisive. Articulate and powerful. And as you do that Mentally Recite Shiva. Shiva. Shiva shotty. For imagine that you are beautiful sexual intuitive nurturing. Affectionate. Being. Mentally recite she shot. She shot the she wash. Five imagined that you're as stabilize a mountain. and. Mentally Recite Shiva Shot Shiva. Shiva shot. Six imagine that you're as flexible as the wind. And mentally recite she shot the Shiva shot the Shiva shot the. Seven imagine that you're an angel with wings. Recite Shiver shot the shiva shot the shiva shotty shiver shot the. Eight imagine that you're an enlightened being with infinite compassion and mentally recite she shot the shiva shot the shiver shot. Nine imagine that you are a divine being or God playing in Celestial Rams. And Mentally Recite Shiva Shiva. Shiva shocked. Den. Imagine. Once again that you're a shape shifter that you can become any animal, any bird insect, any plant. Not. Rock. And Mentally Recite Shiva shot the shot the. Eleven imagined all of the mythical beings reside in new although there are some that are your favorite archetypes. And mentally. Recite

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