So Celtics have the 14 pick. The 13 pick.


In New York, but I was living in Philadelphia at the time. So I would drive on Sunday morning back to Philadelphia to our ride. I would be blasted music drinking a cup of coffee. But then there'd be some days right? Wouldn't drink a cup of coffee and think I'd be able to make it and then I have to pull into a gas station and then obviously get a cup of coffee. So now they're going to get to this end a draft lottery results. Isn't it weird to you? How much we love and obsess over the draft lottery? I absolutely love the draft lottery. But I did. I did clobber McKean. When he tried to interrupt me during the ranch tonight, I screamed. I'm a professional broadcaster. Get a read. 14 pick is in Memphis, The Boston So Celtics have the 14 pick. The 13 pick. Zion

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