AC Grayling


Think of this, supposing the universe came into existence at the Big Bang and then billions of years. Later, self aware consciousness intelligent life appears briefly just for additive couple of million years maybe on the planet in one of the galaxies that's us and then figures out again pats because we get to grips of time to change your or whatever, and then the universe as it was before continues after its with no consciousness intelligence neither good nor bad, it's just neutral but. If in that little brief period of intelligence of awareness. The some of good is greater than the sum of. The NAP means that the entire history of the universe is a good thing. But if the some of bad outweighs, the sum of good then it's a bad thing that the universe existed and we have a duty. To make the history of the universe, good philosopher anti grilling is one of the foremost thinkers of our time. He's master of the New College of the humanities and Independent College in London that he founded in two thousand and eleven he's written and edited over thirty books on philosophy always making a case for the role it can play in our lives. He's a frequent contributor to all the major broadsheets, and in addition he sits on the editorial boards of several academic journals. AC grilling was the fellow of the World Economic Forum for several years and has judged many top literary awards including the Booker twice. It is latest book. The good state grading argues that many democracies around the globe from Britain to the US and Australia derived from the Westminster Model, all of which he argues are at risk from the absence or decay of the fundamental principles of democracy. I'm Georgina Godwin and I sat down with AC grilling earlier this year before the pandemic for

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