'Tiger King' zoo closes after feds suspend its license


And I promised you a little bit of news on the Tiger King. Which Tyre King News. Well, I know we love it. I mean, anybody who hasn't who Hasn't watched it to yourself a favour and do it. I mean, the first episode you go. What am I doing right? By the second episode, you're just kind of sucked in, and this was a huge hit. For Netflix. It was a documentary about the Tiger King Joe exotic and apparently the zoo that was featured in that documentary, Victoria. Announced late Tuesday that it is closed to the public. And can you imagine what that was like? After the federal animal exhibition license was suspended? The U. S Department of Agriculture said that it suspended the exhibitor license. For Greater Winwood Exotic Animal Park and Jeffrey Loh Hu was featured in the Netflix series on Monday. Both low and Joe exotic were among the characters in that Netflix Siri's Tiger King murder may have madness. Opposed to the park's Facebook page announced that public access to the privately owned zoo is closed. Effectively. Effective immediately. The new park will, at least for the future. Be a private film set for a Tiger king related television content for cable and streaming services. Now we know Nicolas Cage has signed on to do this. The report of the U. S is going. Oh, my God. You know what I could for her? I don't have Sharknado in my world anymore, but that's gonna be my name. Sharknado Tiger NATO. The report of the USDA DEA inspection at Winwood found multiple animal welfare violations really serious and Several repeat violations. Among those inspectors found the on ly refrigerated storage for animal food was a broken refrigerator truck that do, officials claimed had recently been fixed. The inspector's asked for the invoices on repairs, and they were handed an invoice for a tractor. Repair in the Facebook post apart, claimed it had been targeted by animal rights groups. Now I believe all of these things are true. I believe they have been targeted by animal rights groups, and in fact, Joe Exotic is working with Peter now from jail to try toe. Tippy toe off to all of these things, and there are according to reports spies in the area. But I also believe that they're probably pretty poor conditions at this part because we saw it in In footage and it's been going on for years. It's interesting. The one of the details which is pretty awful about this, the fact that that these that they've been targeted by animal rights groups Now having this license revoked this. This is actually bad news for the animals because having it being closed to the public means that the animals are no longer subjected to inspections, USDA inspections or pita. So I This is not great news for the animals that Jeffrey Loh Hu if you watch the serious he's sleazy Vegas guy in like the Ed Hardy T shirts with the You know, his wife in the nanny and the whole thing anyway. Sleazeball

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