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So there's this tiny town in Wisconsin called Mount pleasant populations just twenty, six, thousand people, village and life in Mount. Pleasant is usually is quiet as you'd expect. Their suburb of Racine, home of malted milk and the sight of some of America's largest cabbage farms. But that's the city now presents the suburb place were nothing really happens. Until last year when the village became the site of a completely unprecedented massive international experiment. Truth. Even Mundane. It's going to tell the story this fall. I went to pleasant to meet this woman named Kelly Gallaher. Hi. Halley. commanded she lives in his ivy-covered split. Level House my home is located about. A little bit over a mile from from Lake Michigan so. Did she say? It's really beautiful out here by receiving. It's like a very light blue almost like a Caribbean vibe. It's it's all about the light I think it's magical. I think. I even like how the lake looks on my gps. Like it that much Kelly has been here for thirty years and she used to be an arts educator. But now she's basically retired. When did you start getting involved in kind of more? I don't I don't know what to call it activism or just Kinda village. What would you call it well? What if there is a name? I think other people have a lot of names for for what I do but. Ones I I probably wouldn't care to repeat the polite name that Kelly's detractors might use for her is busy body. She's an extremely vocal participant and the town's local democracy and her main stage is this place called village. Okay. The hours upon us I would. Like to open the village board meeting, Order Religions. Village Hall which sits right next to the local white is where the residents of mount pleasant all gather twice a month with their village government to talk about all the local issues that need fixing through weeds this high in the yard of one of the vacation homes this. Hi. It's been vacant for I. Don't know how many years gale for years. It's been vacant. We're going to have some recommendations and numbers for the Lake Park Fluffy Rosen, which is very Army number one on our agenda, our softball game we had this last Sunday for the case athletics. That went over very well to I didn't get any reports of injuries so we're good. Pictures in the paper though in Racine County the mount. Pleasant. Village Hall meetings are famous very well attended. They actually taped the meetings and upload them to the website, and if you're like me and have watched every single wine, you will look forward to the moment when Kelly good evening my name is Kelly Gallaher. Her Red Hair Hoop earrings steps up to the Mike Lees Captain Brian. Smith. Collected thirty three, thousand, seven, hundred and fourteen dollars an overtime pay in addition to his salary vacation. Her tally is basically the local civics watchdog. A joint parks has had no minutes published since April two, thousand, fourteen almost every week she uses her allotted three minutes to make it very clear to the people in power that she has her eye on them is outrageous by mount pleasant standards. Hauled corruption and we intend to get to the bottom of it. Thank you. Thank you for weekly Sunshine and good share. That man who sounds very exasperated that is Dave degroot village president. He is sitting behind this big long table in this large office chair at the center of the screen, and he's flanked on both sides by his six village trustees. Dave. Runs this meeting David Kelly. Like each other they disagree on pretty much. Every single thing to do with the future of Mount Pleasant. Kelly has a sign on her front lawn that says David degroot must resign and David grew lives ten doors down from her. It's an intense block and Kelly told me that it got especially bad about a year ago when she was helping Dave's opponent in the village election. The previous March when he was running for office, he sent out a press release a basically accusing me of egging his house. Egging his house Yes yes. He filed a police report and suggested in his press release that I had been involved in the attack the political at an actual literal egg attack on his home, which the police report did not verify at all. In fact, it was the the described it as as teenagers and a single egg that was tossed on his driveway was hardly an attack I was not there. I only buy organic eggs which are far too expensive to throw it. Anyone's house let alone someone I don't like it was it was ridiculous. So it's fair to say that my relationship with with him was contentious I think he's a fool and a terrible per village president.

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