Gender reveal party sparks large Californian wildfire after pyrotechnic device ignites dry grass


The original pandemic Gender reveals. Maybe just maybe we got the vaccine this weekend. Maybe they will never bother us again because one of these unnecessary reveals is now the cause. Of one of the huge wildfires lodging in California A couple dragged its family to El Dorado Ranch Park on Saturday and brought with them a quote. Smoke generating PIRA device surveillance video shows the device being lit and then people scrambling to find water to put out the flames. The fire is now over 8000 Acres big, only 7% controlled. The video has not been released yet because there's an ongoing investigation now. Everybody involved apparently has been cooperating with officials. But the guy or the woman, the person who actually ignited his device could could be charged with a crime here and held liable for the fires. But the moral of the story is just stop doing this. Stop hitting golf balls. Stop letting off balloon that choke birds. Just stop it. Just tell me what kid you're having. And let's move on. I got to tell you. I have so many thoughts on this number one California has been like the inside of a pizza oven for like, three weeks now why you would drag anybody to a park to do outdoors These days? Your gender reveal in California is anybody's guess. Like 118 degrees. Yeah, everybody. Let's go outside. To go to the steam bath toe burn to a crisp that you know that we're having a girl. I mean, could you imagine how how completely thoughtless this is for your family lift, drag you to a park outdoors when it's 180. Number two on the outside to make a baby. I don't want to be able to find out what your baby is Number two. The gender reveal stuff. It's so overboard. But now we need pyrotechnics. Now there's a some oak freaking machine, a smoke machine. You need a smoke machine. For this. It's already over the top, dragging everybody to a park to learn. Who cares. You're having a baby. Whether it's a boy or a girl. The baby will be loved. The baby will be adored. That's what people do with babies. Thankfully, it doesn't matter what gender you have, and I've got to go back to my own wife. Because

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