President Donald Trump making campaign stop in Michigan today


Following Joe Biden's campaign stop in Michigan yesterday. President Trump is coming to the state Tonight, WW. Jay's Tom Jordan spoke with the national press secretary for the Trump campaign, one of the big messages for Donald Trump's visit image Again he counted he got rolling under his watch. You don't have to guess how the economy would look under President Trump. We saw it with record highs. Hogan Gidley is the national press secretary for Donald Trump's campaign. Part of Joe Biden's message while he was here in Michigan was that he was going to bring back Manu. Factoring jobs. Donald Trump says he's been doing that for the past four years close to 700,000 manufacturing jobs come back into this country. Record employment for African American Asian American Hispanic American women employed numbers We've never seen before. And when you look at what Joe Biden did the economy with 60,000 manufacturing plants closed Donald Trump campaign's push through Michigan. Tom Jordan W W. J News radio 9

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