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Hello and welcome to probably science. My name is Andy. Would I'm Matt Cassian how are you Andy? I'm good reporting from my parents basement where there's obviously fast WIFI because whose parents don't have festival is. Also, just acoustic good as parents basements I think you're doing a podcast from it, which is when most podcasts should be. That's that's certainly true. Yeah. Little the. I am I'm overheated. Let's get August. Yes. Annoyed about a thing, and that's also one of the reasons why we're starting on my laptop. Years too old to Radi be viable as a machine for this kind of business but. Now. Guest is writer actor sketch performer everything Jim Burton. Hey Jen, how thank you for having me I'm so excited to be here. I'm so glad to have you on. So here's the deal. I. Thought I would have time to run off and get a quick Cova test because I haven't had it in one in a while and I thought it was small sensible wanted to do and there's a pup van outside Intelligencia coffee shop in. Silverlake which is walking distance from me. And I went by there yesterday when I was on my walk and they would just closing up close at three but as the Qr code and the person who is just packing out when's hey scan the Qr code now and you can fill in your details so that you're ready to go tomorrow we'll hear tomorrow Las Day. So I did that and I was all ready to go and I got my appointment. Walk down to the van is holly that. Last week as well as she said, there was no cue. No no wait. So I figured oral good. So get down there and there is a Bagel van called the yeasty boys. Yes. Replacing. The lands in the covert says, and you know I don't want to in any way do them down I'm sure that the BAGELS. Lovely and they're providing a very valuable service to the community. In no way to they. Let me know whether or not I am in danger of being a statistic global pandemic and. They can tell if you're hungry though. So yeah, exactly exactly and I was I was because I had to not eat before my tests. So I, I still haven't eaten food today and and so I figured. Okay. Well, maybe because the boys thought patch the like they've set up there before and. So I figured okay they got their first in the morning, and so the testing vans moved a little bit further down the street. So then I started walking up and down the streets, and by this point, it's getting closer to podcasts timing. It's totally it's one of the reasons bad polka plan. This is pure sunk cost fallacy going on by this point. because. I I should just cut my losses and just go like. Okay. I might as. I I'm not gonNA find this thing. Just go back and set for the PODCAST 'cause I also knew like, okay it's ten minutes walk back to the House. But then also getting in from outside and that used to be A. Seven second process and now it's like three four minute process. Yeah. Agata decoded. Yeah. Exactly on time and I've been in the presence of hungry fans. While I'm looking for this shrunk Mama bumbling through yeast. Clouds. Exactly you gotta get that off. Ya. Of spores all over me as well. I would love if the truck was there, it was just. Hidden for some reason, turned around the side of UC new saw this other eighties pop band named testing truck called my corona. Blasted the neck all day long. I WANNA see the showdown between the Kovin truck and the bagel tracks. Like what how did that go down? Did they show up and they're like? Will I think it is because they do they're on the weekend I've seen them before. So Eric and they got that first and then just like fuck you this is tough but then you'd expect the Cova truck would've just moved a little bit further down the same streets but I I gave it a good go. When you tried? I'm sorry you're still hungry though that's that's okay. Like. Insult to injury yeah. I know I should've could've Vega that front of no fuck you. Have having your bagels stealing patch from an important public service? From medical professionals. Yeah. What if what? If an everything Bagel? What if one of the things? That makes it everything is? A Corona Cure. Comes with a corona care. Not attest a appear. But he comes with Corona. So it's a bit of A. You never know what you're GONNA get. GotTa get get cured of Corona to be totally fair. Yeah. That is true that isn't upsetting truth. Yeah. You gotTA fight for. Ethic I'm surprised. We haven't had the I, N even bigger rise in homeopathy right now in in the face. Will I'm sure it is but yeah. I'm sure there's lots of strange medical things going I mean I've read. So many weird things about the coronavirus that I don't know if they're true or not. They seem all apocryphal one is that type a blood is more susceptible to getting like? A worst version of disease one is if you have neanderthal or is it Neanderthal, I, don't know what the pronunciation. If have that DNA, you might get worse. And if vitamin D cares it and I don't know if you've ever had I have your. I've that one or cure so much as just. makes you a bit less susceptible both to catching it and catching version that is a reason. So I think you know that's probably I spent a good. Twenty five thirty minutes of what should have actually been. Fifteen minutes in direct sunlight walking up and down sunset. Boulevard. Trying to find. Trying to find a cove advance. Some. Di Me. Sunset Boulevard. Don't say Tele spread that around. About. That can you? Got Some DNA is actually I couldn't find my van. got. Some Still get some deion in me any rate by the way I just googled the blood type thing because I was about to just say, Oh yes, that is true and that's a could look this up and see if it is but I'm going to trust the Harvard Medical School's website which. Cited a set a study that found no relationship between blood type and severity of covid nineteen that was last. That seems right me. It seems like they are making correlations where like there aren't necessarily because the pool of people they're studying is still so small because it hasn't been very long so. There was also racy when there was a crazy one that was like if you're a fast walker you you won't get. A severe version of the disease. Just because being a false walker correlates being in good physical shape. Yes or that you're just passing people. So quickly that the viral load doesn't have enough time to like gather in your lungs, it's I mean who knows it's very odd but that you know. Theories we don't like being in the unknown for sure. Andy Look. What the Harvard Square School of Natural. Paths says. Harvard adjacent schooling. A. Man. Or something. Harvard. Away Servers. Into, Harvard. Harvard. If you have the right accent, you could get away with a lot. Of Is Hard for trade because is also the name of a city is the same way. There are loads of. Oxford and Cambridge schools of Languid if you go. In central London back when people used to hang around a central London and interact with other humans. But there's there's always people flooring full like the Oxford language school or the School of English and it's just like well, it's the city. There's no, they don't have a trademark on. Its as a language school that is vaguely affiliated with the city of Cambridge. Yeah. Just like within the city limits if you if you start a school, it's bad enough. Could you call it Harvard than claim parody. Law covers your naming Harvard. Put it in air quotes almost like this is Harvard. Apparent to make fun of the actual Harvard, we aren't protected. I didn't see I. didn't see that many I'm sure there were various homeopaths in the like going I. didn't there were there were sort of. There was a fair amount of natural supplement bullshit like the supplement industry got involved quite heavily. That was a lot of this will boost your immune system, which is not necessary something you want to toll. Yeah. Oh good point. Yeah. It is a very good point like whatever anyone says like Oh this will boost your immune system. That's okay.

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