1-year-old from Renton killed, parents recovering in Seattle's Harborview Medical Center


Renton is dead after his family was trapped by the flames of a fire burning in eastern Washington. Almost Brian Calvert reports Jake and Jamie Highland. We're visiting their property in Okanagan over the weekend, when they became surrounded by the flames of the Cold Springs fire. We have a huge fire that needs to be taken care. Okanagan County Sheriff Tony Holly says. The couple grabbed their young son and tried to run away from the growing wildfire. They were spotted early yesterday by a call Bill tribal boat on the banks of the Columbia River. Their young son, Uriel was already gone. Mom and dad were covered in third degree burns. They have some severe injuries on we're very hopeful and pray that they are Abel hold through the injuries of a sustained the Renton couple was transported to Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle. Brian

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