HR 1: Playoff Rondo - burst 04


With organizations. So we didn't get to Jalen Ramsey here we'll do that on the other side plus we got the NBA Roundup including Beth Pat Bev maybe his mouth maybe cashing checks dead. Or writing checks that he can't cash, we'll get to. Pat. Bev and his comments in a second as well. Yeah. Domino's you here on. ESPN. Give you t shirt opportunities here in a second. We got some t shirts to give away. Real Quick Jalen Ramsey signs the richest contract for a quarterback in NFL history five, hundred, five, million dollars. No big surprise that that actually happened. But L Z, how do you? How do you look at that Defense We know that the secondary it looks pretty good clearly we know that the defensive line still looks good. But linebacker core though is a bit of a question mark

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