Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best formally announces decision to retire


Chief Carmen Best, who was announcing that she is stepping down here is the Outgoing chief of police in Seattle this weekend. I don't think it's any surprise, but I inform major again of my intent to retire from the Seattle Police Department, effective September 2nd, 2020. For me Personally, This was a decision I wrestled with But it was time I will always be a priest. Who I am. Ultimately, as I learned from a former boss. When you know it's time to go. Serving this department and this community for almost three. I honestly say I have There are things I detaining. Yes, but being a Seattle police officer and having the opportunity to be the police chief. It was a dream of a lifetime. I want to thank Mayor Durkin sincerely thank her for her support. I will continue to do all I can over the next three weeks to set this department out for a smooth transition. I love this department. I love this city, and I will always love being a Seattle Police department officer. To the men and the women of the Seattle Police Department sworn and civilian. You will always have my respect. You will always be in my heart. You are without a doubt the best police department in the country. What is important is you have remained committed to being the best to continuously improving and innovating. I know that times are hard right now. I also know that when people get to meet you and to know you, they see what amazing people you truly are. The vast majority of the people in the city support you. You are essential to our community Safety and I thank you for all that you do. Thank you for showing up every day committed to public safety day in and day out. You spend time away from your families and loved ones to serve our community. Even during this cove in 19 pandemic, your commitment to our community and our profession has been absolutely unmatched. I am grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to service your chief. I know this department and the city is well, we'll have a well deserved and well respected SPD command team. We have one of the most diverse, well educated and experienced command teens in the country. Many of them are here right now. I thank you all for stepping up and being willing to serve our organization. Some may think the quality of leadership and the leadership team doesn't matter, but I know better. I know this team will keep the department moving forward as it re envisions public and community safety. And I'm grateful to deputy chief Adrian Dia's agreeing to serve at the interim chief of police. I know he will continue the department's commitment to engage in the community. He knows this department and he knows the city. I have seen firsthand his tireless commitment to the Seattle Police Department and the people, especially the young people of our city. He is more than ready for this challenge. And to the community. Thank you. You helped me get to where I am. I think so Many of you have just been wonderful. And I and I appreciate you just like family. And I will continue Tio. I haven't ask of our community. I am one part of the department. If you support me, you support this department. I know out of this challenge will spring new hope for a better future for all. I trusted everyone. Residents, business owners and elected officials will find a way to work together to put aside personal conflicts, political grandstanding and power plays. Seattle has the best and the brightest If we work together to overcome a challenge is if we listen to one another, not just those we agree with, by the way if we value experience Equally to passion. I know we can create solutions that will carry Seattle's through this decade and into the future leading the way for the entire country. And now I'm going to scare a me cause I'm going off script and you and just say and just say first, I want to thank my family who supported me. All the way all the time. To the pastors who are here. Thank you. You have been wonderful. Your support has been amazing Pastor answer. If you don't remember him. He's the one who said cheap best is the best lover. I was I was cracking up. That was that was very funny. Revelled in I really cannot even find words to thank you for your continued support. You have been just wonderful. I feel like we're not gonna be able to express The depth. You cry. I'm gonna cry so I can't even look at you at a depth of my appreciation. Your heart is gold, and I just thank you so very much. I also want to thank Tricia who is my executive assistant who has helped me through everything She knows more about me than my husband knows that all the credit cards the bank account. She knows everything. She has been amazing and wonderful. And to all of the other department heads who are here. You people have been absolutely the best. I've talked to each and every one of you on different occasions. They sent me emails and letters and been so supportive. I didn't even expect to see you here today and I can't tell you how overwhelmed and how grateful I am that you showed up for little old me. It's very, very much appreciated. Andi, I just want to thank everybody. This has been really the job of a lifetime of Tommy. I forgot about you there. One of our community members who came in and he has helped me immensely to learn the culture of our East African communities had a better connect because it was so important and just so many of you I could go on for hours and hours. But I just want to say that I am. I'm sad to leave in some ways, but you know when it's time, it's time I looked forward to having that torch over the Adrian Dia's

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