10-year-old killed and 5-year-old injured after Chicago police chase ends in crash


One person is facing charges today in connection with the police chase yesterday. That ended with a young girl dead. The story from Devil to BB EMS Bernie to FOIA 10 year old to carry a Spicer was with her 43 year old father, Kevin, and five year old brother, Damir. When a black Mercedes being chased briefly by Chicago police hit their car on 80th and Halstead. He? Spicer's have been on their way to get a laptop for to carry it to be able to do remote learning. Daria Quinn is the Children's aunt until CBS too, and it was a police chase. And One of the cars they get hit, flipped over and hit the car that my brother Paul, on my niece and nephew. Rain to carry a Spicer's brother was seriously injured and is in the hospital. The Children's father and a woman who'd been driving. Another car that was hit were slightly injured. Investigations are underway into the crash and the police pursuit.

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