Eviction protest: 17 arrested after demonstration near Philadelphia City Hall


Who are blocking access to a Philadelphia courtroom on Thursday were arrested. Okay, y W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe tells us they were demonstrating against the resumption of eviction hearings. Small group blocked the entrances at three Penn Square, which also happens to host the district attorney's office until about 12 30 when a large contingent of police Eating bicycle and counterterrorism officers surrounded them and lead them away. One by one till waiting, Policeman, Mayor Jim Kenney says he supports the right to protest. Indeed, he says he agrees no one should be evicted at this time, but says the group went beyond that blocking a courtroom. For people getting into getting out. It's not a party of First Amendment rights, you have to make sure that our institutions to do their business officials say the court won't be taking any new cases, though it was conducting hearings in the window between the expiration of the state eviction moratorium Tuesday and the big Think of the Centers for Disease Control mandated moratorium, the mayor notes. The city has also launched its eviction diversion program, which requires landlords to participate in mediation with tenants who are struggling to pay rent because of covert 19 mediation helps tenants avoid an eviction while also helping landlords avoid vacancies and unit. Turnover costs. At City Hall.

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