Robotic Process Automation with Antti Karjalainen


How do I describe RPI, task in robot corporate. How do you define an opiate task? You set up a new project let's say you're using the lab you create new project. You'll import a few libraries depending on what kind of tasks you WANNA do a walk on technology she want to interact. And Right Staw Staw tasks, Star Star, and then start writing instructions. you might use a building keyboards. Some library keeps that you have available all you might define your own keyboards. So let's say you start with open. Browser. Browser then you start defining, you'll building Keyword Logan to knit. And then goes on from there that keyboard should then probably piping new RL heavy gate lot island do some logging tasks. That might lead you to use volt, which is in the cloud. Not Cloud Service that provides you secure storage, drove us a credentials and you'll use another library to access the walt and so forth. That's Kinda, the basic process can you give a few more examples of tasks? That so many different tasks usually say that kind of snowflakes each company. Each user has their own particular need. In one company actually was company that had done the box boxing in the question they. They used. To automate the process of doing on last talk purchases. In Japanese websites. That was a good use case I think and. So kind of the typical. Financial Institution, use cases that you could imagine. That let's say you need to update a lot of customer. Once an and people are calling in on the phone and you know updating, let's say their phone number for your records. you might use. To navigate through the internal applications that you useful customer Carson and go through multiple locations. Wayne opted the information. That's one of use schedule is saw and it was actually Danica. So great volume, the bank that it said that they saved. What it was like seven years of customer waiting time on the phone by automating the process. Very impressive. In when a task is processing in it fails in the middle. What happens Yeah. So typically you probably want to retry. So just get the input that you had. Andrey retried if that's how you configure it. You probably want to notify somebody so you'll send out an email. Alerts through some other service desk. Application. Depending on obviously kind of depends on why failure happened. So was it a business exception? So unit the application that you've automating did something wrong or and. Your data was incomplete that she used something like that. So that kind of guides you if it's just flat out failure, just exception on court. Then you probably want to. Get the developer to look at it. Does something happen like when the I of the website changes that can sometimes mess things up or do most of these sites tend to keep their you is static enough that your tasks don't go out of date. Yeah. So that's a bit of author that. So you WANNA try to use locate us that almost stable. So if you if you use like absolute expand references, those might get messed up pretty easily if you use like low element ID more stable. So typically. Yes, sure. I mean sites changing us an issue for you can do something such developer to make it more robust but ultimately, if site and some changing completely, there's nothing that you can do about it. Typically I tell people that you know if you have the option to use an API instead course that's more stable or west goal where you have the most stable route. Tell me more about the libraries that are built into Robo Corp.. Yes we are we actually developing fairly large library that we call the. Framework. And consists of. Of you'll basic tool kit essentially as you need us an opiate developing. So. You'll have things for the browser things folk desktop applications, immigration you'll have. integrations with all the major cloud platforms, aws azure. Google cloud. And probably forget like eighty percent of the stuff but we we keep adding to it. Multiple Times a week become a new release that adds new functionality to be a framework right now at the moment. But Yeah I some multitude of different kinds of Kiva statute categorized by different technology domains. there. Are Lots of API's out there for machine learning. Tell me about how machine learning API's can be used with Robocall Corp Yeah. So the industry term for that is intelligent automation and you to be his call up intelligent does as soon as you who into some machine learning API. But sure I mean the kind of the basic I think most frequent use cases to do something like send a document to aws extract or other similar Google Cloud Vision Api you have a pdf in moist than want extra someday to out of it. You can easily use cloud services to do that for you if you don't want to try to do it locally that's I, think the most common use guests that I see all the time. When an ARP task gets spun up, what is actually happening on Robot Corp? Yes. So when a not B task at Spun Up. If you look at the architecture that we have with the cloud platform. And we have what we call the work us the workers, essentially an application that's installed in the target system. So he can be on your laptop, it can be on a virtual machine on. or it can leave inside a container that we can hopefully. So depending on where the work is. Say That the workers is on my laptop. What happens is that the cloud will send a package of code and some instructions to the work. The work will get the package on Pakistan and then initiate a fresh condign women fall by the libraries that. You have inside your robust cold, and then it'll stop fresh every time to make sure that you don't have any side effects from previous executions and then when you environment done, he'll execute the task stream. The console tries to cloud account, and then when don is Kinda you're execution Audifax you might have produced some documents or you at least have a file stream those to the cloud and report the results of the execution. So a lot of the stuff that we provide is really the east convenience of. You know you WANNA run by Tom. based. For a frame of coordination. Good just install one APP in the Environment Logan and you're good to go. You're all set. You'll have a stable execution environment each time and is pretty fast to. And what are you using under the hood to orchestrate these tasks? So, the orchestration service on our cloud is we are working actually mostly several s so it's on aws is pretty. This know like we are not using any the ready project to set up the orchestration scheduling. Those we do it ourselves. And then it's a fast growing platform of different features so. So he's one of the call pieces that we develop. We'll tell you more about that the service orchestration stuff like how much can you offload? What kind of leverage do you get by going server less? What does that look like? So we started developing that early twenty nineteen and I doubt time we made the decision to kind of go s cutting edge that we could because we have dealt with unity. So might be be of engineering just made the decision out. If you don't have the host anything sales, we won't do it. Then I might have a few service here and there, but most is hundred percents less and the idea is that we should be able to scale up pretty nicely with that decision. Obviously you're. GonNa always have some some issues hand but for the most part, we think that that will allow us to. Maintain certain level of service as we. Continue to grow and scale and and really some of these processes are pretty business critical company. So we need to be careful with operations. Tell me more just want to know more by your infrastructure in like how are using lambda are there any other service services that you'd like to discuss? is typical host, but really I'm not too deep into architects are close to its basic like `scuse Dynamo DB, Lambda all around US plan for monitoring data dog as well I. Think. Yeah It's a complex and growing piece of software.

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