Interview with Kim Jent, director of the Mississippi Housing Institute

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You to Liz and Lisa and thank you to Kim Jin the executive director for the Mississippi Housing Institute for joining us this morning the Mississippi housing. Institute, is an Appre, an approved provider of education for the Mississippi State, Board of contractors and offers both online and classroom courses to keep contractors. Certified. Good. Morning. Good Morning. Harry. You I'm doing fine I. Really appreciate you taking the time to join our show this morning for those who may not be familiar with them Mississippi Housing Institute image. Just. Give us a brief overview of what the organization is in what you guys do. Okay well, basically where the Education for Home Builder's Association but So I provide education for all the builders remodelers. Now, with that being said, we also provide that for any builder or remodeler across state whether they're a member of homebuilders were not We have online like you talked about and We also have classroom. Now with Kobe, you know we've had limited classroom type of courses, but we definitely have. The online that people can go to the two that are having to renew their license if they got their license, after July, two thousand fifteen, they have to have two hours of c credit, and then the other thing we do, we have a designation program where builders and remodelers can become a certified professional builder remodeler and that's just they are licensed. They do four hours of ce every year they have their insurance. Anyway they are. The type of contractor you WANNA hire. It's a, it's a job. It's just add to that We are both CB and remodeler classifications, we might company has both and. It's just a upgraded classification. You know when we talk about, where do you go to hire a qualified contractor? That's that's another way to find out is this company reputable cannot trust them? Are they going to be here tomorrow if that's the type quality that you get when you hire a CPA. Go to you. On was we have we have each of our each of our certified professional builders. remodelers have their own page on the website and you can search by Zip Code. Now, with that being said, like you're in a rural area, you may have to go listen popular bill. You may have to go to Hattiesburg the coast you know put one of those codes or may not be one specific in that area but somebody by which you can go in search or by ZIP code or by specific names and kind of look at their profiles and see. Pick your your builder remodel from there. Oakland the website, the P. B. M. S. dot com C., p. b., M. S. dot com. S. correct because we because we always are you know the diy spirit of want you to get out there and do it yourself if if he can. But like Jeff Pan both know if we don't feel that you should handle it on your own, we want you to get certify people and this is another resource. C. P. B. M. S. dot com along with I. Guess One of your partners, the M. S. B. O. C. Dot U. S. The Mississippi State Board of contractors you are the education arm. For the Mississippi State border countries create. Net Net an forehand builder's Association. Okay. Factors we do work with because they. They are the ones that license and require you know education's for these builders and remodelers knocking this too I Kim this to teacher certifications as you can become a certified teacher. But then as a thing because call board-certified where you'll be kind of you have the distinction with your certification and you have to continue your credits and this is the same thing as you say with contractors with the credits in stand up today with the different policies and guidelines correct. That is correct and I'll just mention to like what you're talking about the storm you. Not Hiring just any. Anybody off the street you know if they're storm damage and you're looking for somebody, these are the type of people you want to hire. You know because don't take money upfront from these builders and you know because they. I'm talking about the ones off the stream not talking about the certify the certified professional builders do know are are legit and they're gonNA take care of you and they're going to be you're probably going on wait lists with these guys so. Anyway just if you're looking for even for the storm there,

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