NVIDIA's Shield TV gets a huge update five years after launch


As everyone knows here, we are an android news covering the latest and greatest android and everyone knows that I'm a big fan of the Nvidia Shield and the other day we were watching TV Anna turned on my Nvidia Shield and said and update is ready to install a two am and I said Ooh install now and then we had to wait ten minutes before we could watch. TV. So Jason, it even happens when you're watching TV but. Invidia Shield got an update. In fact, it's the twenty fifth software update over five years for envision she'll. Video she'll TV first launched may twenty fifteen, which is crazy that has been around for five years But so this twenty-fifth author update is a reason to celebrate because it includes some very features upgraded four K. upscaling system. The now works with three hundred and sixty P and fourteen forty. P in addition to the previously supported seven twenty P and ten eighty p. I like the support for three sixty P because I'm too. Yeah. Let's let's go down. Let's go down sizes. The PRO model supports upscaling for sixty frames per second content, which is great for sports if you're a sports enthusiast. And major update to the remote control interface. The customer button can now be programmed for double and long press actions so Much like the way you interact with the android with with double taps long presses, you can use the remote to specific area and hold the button to get a different set of actions based on the long press and you could actually. Program those to do whatever you might want them to do, which is great. And it had a few other updates for home theater applications. You know it it it. Support for HBO Max and a lot of their partners and things like that. But Hey, five years on product life cycle invidia still sending out updates. It's a gem in the video hardware offering. It's completely may you know it's complete change our home theater experience now, there's a remote control that's easy to use. My wife uses it the put shows on for the kids I love the Nvidia Shield I love they keep updating and so It's great. She'll TV go get it. They are not as Bouncer I, just like the product. So it's the I. Think I think again, we've mentioned it on episodes past this device was the family of devices would end up in our android hall of fame. If ever, we were to make that a real thing other than words that we say every once in a while on the show who knows maybe we'll actually create something like like an experience that you can actually go to and walk through and like Oh remember that. Yeah that's great. anyways. That's that's like a few years down the road and we all know why I think that anytime I see the she'll TV has another update like I. Find Myself inclined to add it into the rundown not necessarily because of the features because the features are great in and of themselves but just because I want. I'm sure you guys would agree I want to encourage anyone that's still supporting their hardware hardware five years later to keep doing it so I feel like if we keep like. Making a big deal of it. When they do it, then donald encourage them to do more, and then maybe that ends up being example for other hardware manufacturers to kind of do the same kind of like how far can you go? Where do we think? In is going to stop with this like what? What is the we're not gonna do that anymore update. Do you think we're nearing that or are they just going to keep going? Why would they? Why would they stop though people? If they just released the the released new upgraded updated hardware that's I got the Invidia Shield TV pro little set top box, one those came out earlier. This year right it wasn't last year this year I time it might have been late last year. I forget late last late last year it was like October November. So they just came out with new hardware people are still buying the product is going for five years android in Android TV keeps developing and and clearly some sort of priority for Google. So why stop updating the invidia might be one of the best examples of how to support your hardware. Yeah I really agree with you on that run one of the best examples of how to support your hardware it. This is akin to I WANNA say Apple Support of older iphones. Like because this is unprecedented in our android worlds and just lately we were like Yay Samsung is committed to three years for phones. But like look at Nvidia, they just keep pumping it out and you know I think it's because they realized. It was a cult favourite there. One of those really good. Manufacturers when those companies such a cachet in the gaming world that I think when they see that they have kind of. Fans, service one of their devices that they're going to support it because. You want fans fan sell things. In I'm. Jealous I'm jealous. I'm still here with my box. Okay. No shape jammie but is still working. You're having problems with them. Aren't you? We don't sit in that room anymore because there's white couches and I have a newborn baby. So I but I'll tell you every time we turn on that set top box. Like fifteen minutes twenty minutes of updates before we can watch anything. So we have to plan it can't. It's Power it up before you power. Sure that get those things out of the way. So it's there and working. That's no good The Shield definitely handles that differently, some folks in the chat are pointing out, and this is true that a lot of the updates in this new software update don't necessarily apply to the older version like the the upscaling I think is more isolated to the newer models, but there are some features and I think the point is that there they haven't forgotten it entirely right? Like there is a feature that's included here that says the older models. Now have an option to always match the frame rate of content in that's being displayed in a home theater setup. You know it's I'm sure that's a feature that certain people would might be really wanted to see but at least it shows that they're they're paying attention to it still and that they're supporting it. To some capacity and I I also wonder if their security updates are kind of included in here, I didn't necessarily see them call it out in there but I would like to think that if they're doing these software updates, they're also kind of paying attention to and platform security updates to keep it secure, and if that's the case, then that's that's great as well because that is applying to the older hardware no matter what they're paying attention and that's more than a lot of manufacturers are.

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