Weekend mayhem continues, with seven murders across New York City in 24 hours


This past weekend was like most recent weekends in the city. It was bloody at least seven murders in the past 24 hours, and Samantha Liebman reports more homicides in the city Sunday, including the shooting of three teens here in Cypress Hills, a 16 year old boy killed. It happened around 6 40 last night, Police say. An SUV drove by George Walker Junior Park here on Vermont Street and someone started shooting through the sun roof that 16 year old shot in the head. A 17 year old also shot and an 18 year old in critical condition also shot in the head. Police too. Investigating an SD Salaam is friends with the group and says they were all good kids. We used to hang out with them. They was good people. They was actually six and they like their was getting out games. Meanwhile, the other murder Sunday included a fatal stabbing in the Bronx of a transgender woman and a man shot in the back and a possible domestic dispute in Queens. All this contributing to the rise in murders and shootings. As of last week. Shootings up 69% murders, up 24% over

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