Florida coronavirus cases show little sign of slowing as state surpasses New York


Florida now has more confirmed cove nineteen cases than New York state by Tara Law. The number of covid nineteen cases recorded in Florida has now passed New York leaving the Sunshine State with the second most corona virus cases in the nation trailing only California as of yesterday more than four hundred fourteen thousand people have been diagnosed with covid nineteen in Florida according to a tracker maintained by researchers at Johns Hopkins University Florida's number passes the four hundred eleven. Thousand cases recorded so far in New York. California, the nation's most. Most populous state has had the most corona virus cases since last week as of Saturday had more than four hundred forty six thousand cases. While Cova nineteen cases surged in the northeast early this spring. Florida appeared to have missed the worst impact of the pandemic. However, the state's fortunes appeared to shift after the state rapidly entered his lockdown in May. These grim milestones reflect the shift of the epicenter of the pandemic to the sun belt. While the spread of the virus in New York and New Jersey dropped in May, and have remained low. The virus has spread rapidly in places like California Arizona and Texas. As cases have surged in Florida. Communities across the state have been forced to roll back some reopening measures to curb the spread of the virus, ordering beaches to close again and imposing mandatory face, covering policies although Florida Governor Rhonda Santa's faced criticism for failing to impose more restrictive measures such as a statewide mask requirement.

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